Social media star 'The Meal Prep King' posts bizarre misogynist video

Social media star ‘The Meal Prep King’ who has appeared on the BBC posts bizarre misogynist video rant calling women ‘scruffy c****’ who should ‘shut the f*** up about rights’ while he showed off black eye and swigged from bottle

  • John Clark – known as The Meal Prep King – wrote book and was on BBC online
  • But fans on his Instagram page were alarmed by a video he posted on Monday
  • In it he raged about respect for females and told them to ‘f*** off’ in the rant 

A bestselling food writer who has appeared on the BBC has been slammed after uploading a bizarre misogynist video rant while sporting a black eye.

John Clark – known as The Meal Prep King – streamed a live video on Instagram where he said he refused to have respect for women and they should ‘shut the f*** up’ about their rights.

The social media star launched his meal-prepping business after he shed nine stone.

Taking to Instagram on Monday night Clark, 43, ranted in several videos and swigged from a silver plastic bottle.

He said: ‘Have some respect for females? Nope. You’re all f****** scruffy c****. But I do like kind of p****** women off.

‘I’m a woman, I’m a female and I have rights’. Shut the f*** up you f****** scruffy c****.’

He then spits.

Speaking from what appeared to be his home in Bolton, Gtr Mancs, the author – who boasts more than 420,000 Instagram followers, had a mark beneath his eye.

John Clark, 39, and partner Charlotte Deniz, 34, are best known for their meal prep plans

The social media star launched his meal-prepping business after he shed nine stone on a diet

Mr Clark appeared to have a black eye during the rant that he posted on his social media

During the stream he referenced his facial injury, saying that he ‘got whacked’.

The tirade continues: ‘I’m a woman, and I deserve rights’…I’m not against women.

‘I just don’t agree with women thinking there’s some sort of hierarchy. It’s weird.

‘I’m a female and I’ve got a hierarchy. A hierarchy of what? Shut the f*** up and get in the f******.

‘I’m not really this bad in general but I am…certain things.

‘But you must admit, women, basically what it is, what I want to do – women want to self-sabotage men. F**** off.’

The author, who has penned two books published by Penguin, shot to fame over lockdown after he started posting about his weight loss journey through meal-prep.

Alongside his girlfriend, Charlotte Deniz, the pair lost 15 stone between them.

John Clark, 39, and partner Charlotte Deniz, 34, showed off their weightloss on the diet plan

Charlotte Deniz, left, and John Clark, right, in pictures before they lost weight on the diet

They amassed more than 1.6 million followers on TikTok.

His cookbooks have sold more than 25,000 copies landing him a spot on the Sunday Times Bestseller List and lucrative work with the BBC, as well as selling his own merch.

Clark also runs a paid subscription service through his website, where fans pay £7.99 per month or £59.99 a year to receive exclusive content including workouts and videos.

But scores of horrified fans said they could never support him again following the ‘meltdown’.

Some also referenced rumours of a breakup with his partner, Charlotte.

Chloe Jayde said: ‘I was a fan of his, me and my partner bought both of his books earlier this year in an attempt to start living a more healthy lifestyle and I was impressed as some of the recipes are really good.

John Clark, 39, and partner Charlotte Deniz, 34 of Bolton, Lancs, when they launched project

John Clark, 39, had lost more than 8st and his partner Charlotte Deniz, 34, shed 6st 4lb by being ultra organised cooks.

‘I’m really disappointed to see the type of guy he really is after all those comments. He did go on to say other comments using derogatory terms for disabled people etcetera as well.

‘I’m utterly shocked and disgusted at the comments I heard, I sat and watched last night expecting to hear some motivational speech or something about his new eight week challenge but how wrong I was!

‘It just kept getting worse and worse as the live went on, my jaw just kept dropping.

‘I honestly can’t believe someone with that platform and who has also been in the same position as his target audience would come out with remarks like that.’

Lauren added: ‘I thought I owed a lot to this guy as I’ve followed him and lost three stone through his and other TikTok creators’ content.

‘Vile man. No wonder he has that black eye.’

Roda Hassan added: ‘Absolutely ridiculous

‘I’m not on the whole cancel culture, but someone like this, who holds these views, needs to be dropped by reputable publishers.’

The Meal Prep King, Penguin Books and the BBC have been contacted for comment.

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