Sisters, 10 and 13, spark evacuation of neighbourhood after finding live GRENADE in park and bring it home to show gran

TWO young girls caused an entire street to be evacuated after they found a live World War One hand grenade and decided to take it home to their gran.

Police had to empty 14 houses when little Sky, 13, and Summer, 10, came across the bomb in the park while making Tik Tok videos.

Mum Sam Fryer and her family had been spending Father’s Day with grandma Pam, 73, at her house in Mitcham, south west London, when the sisters arrived home pushing the deadly weapon in a rickety shopping trolley.

Sam, 34, from Mitcham, south west London, told The Sun: “They are lucky to be alive.

“They love making videos on TikTok and were making videos of them dancing in the park when they found it.

“When they came home they said ‘Look what we have found’ – I almost fainted.”

Dad Mark, 39, quickly took the grenade out of Summer’s hand and put it in the garden while Sam called the police.

When the cops arrived they had to evacuate Pam’s entire cul-de-sac for almost two hours while the bomb squad swooped in and safely removed the explosive.

Sam, who lives with carpet fitter Mark, Sky, Summer, and their two other daughters Scarlett, eight, and baby Sadie, who is five weeks old, in Mitcham, said she fears she could have lost two children due to their curiosity.

The grenade is thought to have been buried in the roots of a tree in Morden Hall Park and brought to the surface by the recent heavy rain.

Sam said: “I was petrified. I could have lost two daughters. It made me feel sick to think that they picked it up and touched it – let alone that they pushed it back in the trolley.

"It was bouncing around like mad.

“The girls just thought it was a pretend one that was left behind by some other kids. They thought it was fake because it was near the kids park.

“Pam was just in shock. She didn’t quite understand what was going on. She can’t believe they found a live grenade just across the road.

“The girls understand now how serious it was. The police spoke to them and they had to go back to the park in the police car to show the officers where they found it.

“It could have been so much worse. We are so lucky.”

The Metropolitan Police confirmed the grenade had been taken away to be made safe after the evacuation.

A spokesperson said: “If anyone spots any item they believe is suspicious they should not approach it and definitely not handle it.

“They should move to a safe distance and call  999 immediately, or if they are young, they should tell a responsible adult.”

In January two boys aged four and six hooked a World War Two grenade while magnet fishing in Leeds, West Yorks, with their dad.

Dad Billy Nixon, 49, placed the weapon in a bucket before a bomb disposal unit arrived to take care of Leo and Riley's dangerous find.

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