Shocking moment woman is robbed by rifle-wielding gang in Chicago

Shocking moment woman is robbed by rifle-wielding gang on busy Chicago street – before suspects stick up three other people and cops REFUSED to follow them

  • A group of suspects robbed four people at gunpoint during a Chicago spree
  • Video surveillance footage of one of the robberies was released by the state Attorney General’s office
  • A total of 20 armed robberies were reported on Sunday alone in Chicago 

This is the shocking moment a pedestrian was robbed at a Chicago intersection by a rifle-wielding gang.

The incident took place on September 23, but surveillance video of the scene was just revealed on Wednesday after the city’s Office of Emergency Management and Communication refused to release it.

As the woman made her way across the six-way intersection at 4.45am, a silver sedan pulled up as one suspect pointed the gun at her and the others shook her down. 

They then sped off and went on to rob four other people as cops in the area refused to follow the armed suspects. 

The frightening footage came out just before 20 armed robberies plagued the crime-ridden city on Sunday alone. 

Four masked suspects charged at a woman on a busy Chicago street and robbed her at gunpoint with a rifle 

The video of the woman being robbed begins as she crosses the walkway at North Avenue in the heart of Wicker Park before the car pulls up. 

The passenger doors swing open as one suspect dressed in black with a mask on his face, points the rifle straight at her. 

Three more assailants dressed in a light grey hoodie and black outfits then go after the woman who let go of her suitcase that sits on the corner. 

With her hands up, she gave up her backpack as one of the robbers snatches it and the other two go through her pockets.

A white SUV stops at a red light at the intersection and the suspect with the gun points it directly at the vehicle and waves it to move along. 

The thief in the gray hoodie takes the last of her stolen goods and the four of them pile back into the car and speed away. 

The woman is left on the corner with her suitcase and glances down the street before she turns around and heads back to where she came from. 

Surveillance video of the crime was then reviewed by Chicago Police officers who informed other patrol units of the descriptions of the masked robbers. 

According to CWB Chicago, the getaway car’s left headlight was out, and the back right window was broken.

At 4.25am on September 23, the woman was walking across the intersection with a suitcase before suspects in the silver car (pictured) confronted her 

As the robbery took place, a white SUV stopped at a red light near the crime. The suspect with the rifle pointed the gun at the car and motioned the driver to move along 

After the gang left the innocent woman, they stopped again just a block down and hit another victim in the head with the end of the rifle.

Just a few minutes later, they went on to rob another woman and threatened her with a rifle on the 900 block of West Randolph in the West Loop, authorities said. 

They hit the second woman in the face before they moved onto their final victim of the night located near Lake and Elizabeth streets. 

All while this happened, a police sergeant reportedly witnessed the car drive through the West Loop. 

He mentioned it on the radio before he decided not to peruse the brazen suspects. 

The Chicago Police Department’s policy states that officers will not be punished for deciding not to chase a suspect. 

The policy was brought into play after the city realized how much these pursuits cost in monetary damages and human lives lost since they typically end up in vehicle crashes. 

It is unclear why these cops decided not to chase the suspects that night.  

The woman was left on the corner with her suitcase as she glanced down the street before she turned around and walked away 

On Sunday, 20 armed robberies were reported in the Windy City alone as police went on to warn residents in multiple neighborhoods about the widespread violent crimes. 

One of the suspects was a 49-year-old woman who targeted in the Garfield Park neighborhood at the corner of fifth avenue and Sacramento Avenue. 

Police said that suspect shot her in the upper abdomen before she was taken to Mount Sinai Hospital. She was last reported to be in stable condition. 

WGN reported that at least five of the 20 armed robberies that took place over the weekend took place in the South Lawndale and Brighton Park neighborhood. 

The suspects were reportedly wearing dark hooded sweatshirts, black pants and dark ski masks. 

Police believe that the robbers were 18 to 25 years of age and weighed between 140 to 160lbs. 

According to citywide crime statistics by the Chicago Police Department, there have been 224 robberies in the city in the past week.

In 2023, a total of 9,667 robberies were reported, compared to that of last year when 7,771 were reported. 

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