Shocking moment thieves steal car catalytic converter in under minute

Gone in LESS than 60 seconds: Shocking moment masked thieves steal car’s catalytic converter from outside owner’s home in under a minute

  • CCTV footage captured the theft on St Margaret’s Avenue, North Cheam, Sutton 
  • One thief used a drill to remove the part from under car at 7pm on November 30 
  • They manage to steal the object quickly and run to car parked behind driveway 

This is the shocking moment masked thieves steal a car’s catalytic convertor outside a home in less than one minute.

CCTV footage captured the three men lingering around a black vehicle on St Margaret’s Avenue in North Cheam, Sutton at around 7pm on November 30.

One of the men used a lever to raise the car while another slid under the vehicle, and grabbing a power tool, he removes the catalytic converter in less than a minute.

CCTV footage captured the three men lingering around a black vehicle in North Cheam, Sutton, on November 30 with one using a power tool to remove the catalytic converter 

The third man who is keeping a lookout walks towards the house and peers into the front door to check if anyone was there.

The man under the car makes a lot of noise removing something from the underside of the vehicle and passes it out to his accomplices.

He then goes back under to finish the job and uses a drill to remove the catalytic converter.  

The thieves then make a quick get away, removing the lever and running to a car parked behind the driveway.   

It is not known if any arrests were made and Metropolitan Police have been contacted for comment. 

The footage was captured by the neighbour of the person whose car part was stolen by the thugs. 

It has been shared to Facebook where it has shocked local residents. 

One person commented: ‘Scumbags ..but 7pm Monday, where most people are likely to be home is even more worrying about their lack of worry from any sort of authorities.’  

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