Shocking moment Texas mom SHOOTS her son, 5, as she fired at neighbor's boxer puppy that ran at them

A TEXAS mom was charged with unintentionally shooting her five-year-old son in the gut during a bike ride while trying to hit a puppy trotting towards them. 

Angelia Vargas, 24, had been pedaling with her son along Dunham Road in Houston at around 2:15pm on Saturday when they encountered Bruno, a six-month-old boxer rushing towards them.

In a short video clip of the incident captured by the dog owner’s doorbell camera, the dog can be seen darting across a grassy front lawn toward the street.

"I came out of my house because Bruno was barking and barking. I thought my brother was coming," the unidentified owner told KTRK.  

The man mistakenly thought his brother had showed up at his doorstep. 

Once the front door was ajar Bruno pounced.

"So, I open the door just a little bit and he comes running out," the owner said. 

He can be heard shouting, “Bruno!”

In just a few seconds, as the owner is trying to corral the brown and white pooch to return back to his house – the crackle of gunfire can be heard followed by wailing screams and commotion.  

“He just went walking over there and the lady started screaming,” the owner recalled.

Responding police officers found the boy suffering from a gunshot wound to his stomach. 

One of the bullets reportedly ricocheted and struck the woman’s young child, KTRK reported. 

Vargas was hauled into custody and charged with deadly conduct discharge with a firearm, a misdemeanor. 

The injured child was rushed to a hospital and treated for non-fatal wounds.

He is expected to make a full recovery, according to Click2Houston. 

The owner said that Bruno’s paw was grazed by one of Vargas’s bullets. 

Cops cited the owner for letting Bruno run outside unleashed.

The owner says he feels terrible about the outcome. 

“I’d rather my dog be shot than the kid be shot,” he told KTRK while gripping Bruno's green leash. 

Vargas appeared before a judge and has since been released on $10,000 bond, court records show.

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