Shocking moment bloodied man is knocked down FIVE times

Shocking moment bloodied man is knocked down FIVE times in savage street fight as his opponent repeatedly punches and kicks him in the face

This is the shocking moment a bloodied man is knocked down five times during a savage street fight. 

The footage shows the pair fighting on a residential street as one man keeps punching and kicking his opponent in the face. 

Despite repeated blows raining down on him, the losing fighter manages to get up, attempting to continue the violent scrap. 

The incident took place in Birkenhead on Merseyside and is believed to have been filmed this weekend.

The video begins with the man in a grey T-shirt repeatedly throwing punches at the other male in the red jacket. 

The man in the red jacket falls to his knees  but a vicious kick in the head knocks him down entirely.   

The other man walks away from the scene however his bloodied victim astonishingly gets up after being knocked out and follows him to continue the brawl.

The man turns back and repeatedly punches his victim in the head – so that he is knocked out for a second time.

The man kept punching and kicking the man in the red jacket who was knocked down five times

Although he was floored and covered in blood, the man was getting up to his feet, trying to continue the fight

But once again, the young red-jacket wearing male gets back up to his feet and staggers over to restart the fight. The man returns and kicks him in the face again so that he is floored again.

However for the fourth time, the dazed victim stands up and challenges the man to another fight. And yet again, the man returns and savagely punches him until he stumbles to the ground once more.

Of course, the bloodied victim rises to his feet and bewilderingly, he gives two fingers to his opponent ready for a re-match. 

At the end of the clip, the man can be seen leaving as the victim is knocked down for the last time

The pair wrestle and throw blows at one another until his victim is knocked out for the fifth and final time.

The blood-spattered man falls backwards onto the road as a random dog enters the scene and starts sniffing him while its owner stops by to help.

It is unknown who filmed the footage and why the pair were fighting however the clip has been circulating online since Saturday 7th November.

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