Shanann Watts’ Parents Give First Interview Since Daughter’s Brutal Death, Calling Her A ‘Selfless Mom’

Since their daughter and grandchildren were brutally murdered, the parents of Shanann Watts are finally speaking out.

This past summer, Shanann Watts and her daughters Bella and Celeste, as well as her unborn son, Niko, were allegedly murdered by Shanann’s husband, Chris Watts. Tomorrow, Shanann’s parents will be speaking out for the first time, and their full interview will air on ABC’s 20/20. However, some clips of the interview have already surfaced, and according to Hollywood Life, Frank and Sandra Rzucek talked about their daughter, calling her a selfless mom with a vibrant, “good soul.”

“She was fun, full of life. She did so many things. She had her hand in everything,” Sandra recalled.

“She was amazing.”

The couple also explained that their daughter made a vision board and had hopes of making sure that her daughters had everything that they ever needed in life.

“She was a good soul,” Frank recalled.

Frank and Sandra also talked about their daughter’s battle with lupus and how she didn’t want the autoimmune disease to prevent her from becoming a mother. As Sandra explained, some friends and family members were concerned for Shanann after she became pregnant with her oldest child, Bella. Some were worried about the health risks that Shanann may encounter while she was pregnant, but Shanann, on the other hand, was not concerned with any of these risks and didn’t think that God would have let her get pregnant if it wasn’t meant to be.

“She would do anything for her children,” Frank said of his beloved daughter.

“She just loved her children, and she wanted them to have everything growing up.”

The couple also said that they remember their daughter as always being happy, full of life, and trying to help people.

As previously reported, the story of Shanann and Chris Watts went viral over the summer. It all began when Shanann and her daughters went missing from their home in Colorado. At first, Chris made a plea to the media for his wife and daughters’ safe return, but shortly after, as the Inquisitr shared, Watts reportedly confessed to murdering his wife, daughters, and unborn son.

Per reports, Chris Watts told police that he killed Shanann first in a fit of rage and later hid his wife and children’s bodies in two oil tanks. Following a trial, Watts was sentenced to life in prison as well as an additional 48 years for the “unlawful termination of his wife’s pregnancy” and another 36 years for how he disposed of the body.

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