Sex on top of the Great Pyramids man has library of pics of naked women on top of skyscrapers

The controversial picture called "Pyramid f***", taken by Danish photographer Andreas Hvid has angered the Egyptian authorities and could see the risqué snapper facing jail time.

However, isn't the first time daring Andreas has caused a stir with his rude photos taken in far-flung locations.

Self-described "urban explorer" Andreas has previously broken trespassing laws by taking naked images of people risking their lives on the top of tall landmarks, from Budapest to the Philippines, sharing them with his 25,000 Instagram followers.

He's admitted his latest Pyramid sex stunt had been planned for many years – and actually took two attempts to pull off.

The photographer now claims he wasn't having sex with his companion and has reportedly gone into hiding, despite being previously unrepentant about his 'art'.

We take a look at some of his other works.

Topless photos on top of high buildings

Andreas, 21, from Aarhus, Denmark, says he first began exploring his native city's "hidden places" as a teenager, hunting for interesting things to photograph.

Since then, his interest in travelling has taken him and his female friends all over the world, where he has snapped them in several compromising positions.

He has broken several laws, including trespassing and breaking and entering, throughout the course of his adventures – although the Pyramid photo is the first one to cause such a stir.

One photo shows a girl standing topless on top of the chain bridge in Budapest, which is 48 metres in height.

He has also posed on top of a high-rise tower with a scantily-clad female friend in Manila, the Philippines – a place which has strict laws regarding indecency – and photographed himself looking as though he's having sex in underground sewers in Aarhus.

Andreas, who also gives lectures on urban exploration and photography, has said "rooftopping" – getting to the top of buildings, whether it is prohibited or not – is an important part of his work.

He told the Danish media: "Urban Exploration's most important rule is that you do nothing but pictures and leave nothing but footsteps. We never hurt the places we visit."

Dreaming of a 'Pyramid f***' for many years

Before going silent on social media, Andreas spoke to the Danish tabloid Ekstra Bladet, telling a reporter that he had dreamed of climbing the Great Pyramid for many years before managing it last month.

"The idea of making a nude shoot up there – a "Pyramid f***" – has also existed for some time," he added.

Climbing the 4,500 year old Pyramid of Cheops – the main one of three – is strictly prohibited, and the site is patrolled by armed guards after it closes at 5pm.

Egypt, a mostly Muslim country, regards the pyramids as some of its most important monuments, and under the law, those convicted of performing indecent acts in public can face up to a year in prison and a fine.

Initially, Andreas had planned to make a less raunchy photo on top of the Pyramid with one of his Norwegian friends, travelling with them to Cairo in November to research the best way to do it.

However, they were discovered on the site by a guard and taken to a local police station, where they were questioned before being released on no charges.

While his friend was put off and went back to Denmark, Andreas became "obsessed" with the idea of getting the project to succeed, and started contacting female friends to ask if they'd model for him.

One was available on short notice, so flew out to Cairo to meet him.

'All that was missing was a joint and bottle of vodka'

It was on one of the "last days in November" according to a video posted by Andreas that was swiftly deleted following the outcry, that the photographer and his female friend took their controversial picture.

To hide from guards, they "lay and froze for an hour" in a temple on the historic site in Giza, before climbing up to the top when the coast was clear.

Andreas says it took them just 25 minutes, before they stripped off to take the picture, which was done using a self-timer.

He says that the pair felt "a euphoric feeling" when they reached the top of the Pyramid – a "culmination of a lot of hard work and chances taken".

However, Andreas has denied having sex, saying the image was completely staged, and also added that it was only the second time he's appeared naked in a shot.

When asked what the meaning of his "Pyramid f***' picture was by Danish media, Andreas replied: "I chose to go all in with model, as it was nevertheless a great job just to get up on the pyramid, which is by far one of the most magical locations I have ever visited.

"The 'Pyramid f***' was the dumbest idea I could get on. Western, privileged youth at its worst. All that is missing is a joint and a bottle of vodka."

'It'll go viral then be forgotten about'

At the time of talking to the Danish media, Andreas seemed unrepentant about his actions. "I'm sad that so many people have become so angry," he said.

"But I have also received a positive response from a lot of Egyptians – something I think is worth remembering."

Andreas said he believed it would just go viral then be forgotten about.

Andreas, who said he has no plans to go back to Egypt for fear of repercussions also says he thinks the Pyramids seem "amazingly little-appreciated by the Egyptians", and that he was stunned by the how they were "flooded with waste" in some places.

However, it's clear that Egyptians don't agree: Ayman Ashmawy, head of Egypt's antiquity program, compares the video with 'a war against Egypt'.

"It's an amoral film that is an insult to all symbols of humanity, especially because it is against our morals and values," he told a paper in the country.

And with the authorities now investigating Andreas, it may be a long time before he attempts any more urban exploration shots.

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