School asks children under 12 if they identify as gay or transgender

Scottish primary school faces backlash after asking children under 12 if they identify as gay or transgender in bizarre questionnaire

  • The survey from Merkinch Primary School in Inverness emerged today online
  • It asked children attending its classes if they are transgender or gay in survey
  • Came after Nicola Sturgeon shepherded controversial law through on gender ID 

A primary school is asking young children attending its classes if they are transgender or gay. 

Merkinch Primary School in Inverness is quizzing its pupils aged between five and 12 in an equality and diversity survey.

The poll – which has been savaged by a number of campaigners – asks if the children how they identify.

It also asks the youngsters if they have ever laughed or been unkind to someone because they are gay or transgender. 

The undated questionnaire has been posted online and has attracted criticism over its content

MailOnline has contacted the school for comment on the survey but has received no response.

It emerged days after Nicola Sturgeon and the Scottish government forced through removing the need for a medical diagnosis of gender dysphoria before applying to change gender, as well as lowering the minimum age to 16.

Women’s groups have mounted protests while Harry Potter author JK Rowling has labelled Ms Sturgeon a ‘destroyer of women’s rights’.

Rights campaigner Kellie-Jay Keen said of the school survey: ‘It is really sinister. Asking children’s identity at that age is really appropriate. The survey is asking thinking about something that does not apply.

Melissa Watson with children Leo Watson and Clive Carroll outside Merkinch Primary School in Inverness, which has banned single-sex events from its school sports day. Stood behind them is Victoria Renny with daughter Bella Peters

‘Schools should not be places to indoctrinate children with these ideologies.

‘There is overwhelming harm of teaching any child they might be in the wrong body.

‘We don’t know what the repercussions of that might be. 

‘Anybody who cares about children should not be introducing ideas like this to them so young.’

The school has a history of stirring controversy amid the transgender debate. 

In 2018 parents blasted its decision to end boys and girls only races at sports day.

It made the move after the Highland Council emailed out new guidelines to improve inclusion for pupils who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or intersex (LGBTI).

The decision meant all the children competed together, but mothers and fathers feared it could cause the children to be bullied.

At the time Mother-of-two Melissa Watson said: ‘It was a big talking point for me and my mates.

‘There was a race between five girls and one boy and he came last and all the boys were like “Ha ha, you got beaten by a girl”.

‘In my eyes this opens the kids up to being bullied.’

The Highland Council dismissed the idea that the school scrapped same-sex races at the school due to the publication of its LGBTI guidelines.

A spokesman for the council said: ‘Every effort was made to ensure that children ran in heats of similar abilities. The head teacher did not make this decision because of any guidelines issued to schools but from an idea she had seen at another school where there were parents mixed races.

 ‘Headteachers have delegated authority in Highland to make decisions such as this as they see appropriate and best for the education and wellbeing of their pupils.’

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