Satanic cannibal cult member who secretly fed neighbours human meat pastries threatens to kill again if he’s ever released

Brazilian Jorge Beltrao Negromonte was jailed for 71 years along with his wife and mistress for the murder and dismemberment of three women.

He told the DailyMail in a face-to-face interview: "I believe that, for people to be safe, I, Jorge, need to be in here. I'm here, handcuffed, in prison, but you don't hear me complaining. If I were let out, as I am today, I could do another one."

The trio of cannibals lured young women to their house by offering them work as a nanny, before murdering them and feasting on their dead bodies in a grisly “purification” ritual.

The three would then use the meat to make traditional stuffed meat pastries – called empadas – which they fed to neighbours, and even a police officer involved in the case.

Negromont's new statements are all the more terrifying for the fact police claimed the group had already picked out two more female victims when they were arrested, and dug their graves in preparation.

The interview contained other horrifying insights into the monster's schizophrenic mind.

Contradicting statements he made in court, Negromonte claimed to have been controlled by his mistress Bruna da Silva, who he branded as a witch.

He blamed her for convinced him to come off his medication and then taking advantage of the ensuing psychotic attacks.

Negromonte also talked of two imaginary children he had conversed with since childhood, who would appear during the attack, and tug on his trousers in order to try and stop him committing the murders.

His memory of the multiple murders, he claimed, consisted of little more than flashes of knives, blood, and body parts.

Negromonte also claimed he saw human shadows dashing around him, and heard voices speaking at once.

He described how he would wake up to find the murder scene cleaned up, the bones already buried in the garden, and the freezer packed with meat.

He told the Mail: "Then when I opened the door I had an attack. I remember seeing the girl's back, and me with a knife in my hand. I remember seeing the two (imaginary) boys, the black and white, pulling on my trousers, trying to stop me.

"Then it happened just like before. Her body in the bathroom, the shower on, her body in pieces, then the meat in the freezer."

The former university lecturer claimed he was so suggestible during his fits, he nearly attacked a prison guard after another inmate suggested he meant him harm.

The unhinged nature of the man's mind is thrown into sharp relief by his reasoning behind the attacks – including that all three of his victims had ID cards which ended in 6.

The victims of the murderous trio included Gisele Helena da Silva, 31, and Alexandra Falcao da Silva, and Jessica Pereira 17.

Pereira was living in squalor with her 18-month-old daughter when Negromonte took her to live with them.

She was murdered her three months later, and her child raised as the murderers' own.

The court heard how da Silva was lured to the house after Pires invited her to receive advice and hear the "Word of God". While she distracted her Negromonte allegedly stabbed her through her neck from behind.

A month later, the group lured Ms Falcao to their house under the pretence of offering her a job as a babysitter. Again, as the women talked Negromonte murdered her by stabbing her through the back of her neck, according to prosecutors.

Negromonte, his mistress Bruna, and his wife Isabel Pires created a sect they called The Cartel, which claimed to "save bad souls" and stop the world becoming overpopulated.

The group sold their gruesome literature around town, including Negromonte's own book – Revelations of a Schizophrenic.

Now the psychopath appears to be beginning a new cult in prison.

He told the Mail that the group meet on Saturday, play guitar, sing songs, and that he considers himself a Moses-like characters, who preached to inmates with "very little intelligence".


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