Russia test fires missiles for air defence system designed to protect skies over Moscow

The spectacular test was held at the remote Sary-Shagan military grounds in Kazakhstan.

According to the Russian Defence Ministry, all the rockets hit targets which are believed to be ground-to-ground missiles.

It comes as military tensions between Moscow and neighbouring Ukraine escalate and threaten to boil over into all out war.

On Friday Kiev banned Russian men of combat age from stepping foot in its country.

The move was introduced under martial law after Russia fired on and captured three Ukrainian naval ships off Crimea last weekend.

Missile Defence Task Force Commander Sergei Grabchuk said that "the new anti missile missile proved out its specifications after a series of testing and successfully implemented the task by hitting the “target” accurately.

In late August the successful test launch of a new missile of the Russian missile defence was reported.

In October, the United States Permanent Representative to NATO, Kay Bailey Hutchison, warned the US could "take out" Russian missiles that are perceived to be in violation of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty should Moscow continue to violate the agreement.

The Russian military has begun deploying a new missile system designed to operate in the Arctic.

The deployment comes as the country said it is preparing for the arrival of new American missiles in Europe after Donald Trump threatened to quit a Cold War era arms treaty.

Russia’s defence ministry said it has now received the first batch of Tor-M2DT surface-to-air missile systems designed for the Arctic region, the Moscow Times reported.



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