Republicans demand Nancy Pelosi is fined $5K for violating House security rules SHE introduced following Capitol riot

A GROUP of Republicans have demanded Nancy Pelosi be fined for violating House security rules she introduced herself.

The calls came just hours after it was revealed the House Speaker docked $5,000 each from the pay of two GOP congressmen for breaking her new orders.

The House this week introduced new security rules following the January 6 assault on Capitol Hill.

The new orders require lawmakers to pass through security screening, including metal detectors, erected outside the House chamber.

Those who refuse to comply will be fined $5,000 for the first offense and $10,000 for a second.

Nancy Pelosi said in a statement on Tuesday that days after the attack, “many House Republicans began disrespecting our heroes by refusing to adhere to basic precautions keeping members of our congressional community safe — including by dodging metal detectors, physically pushing past police, and even attempting to bring firearms into the chamber.”

“It is beyond comprehension why any member would refuse to adhere to these simple, commonsense steps to keep this body safe.”

However it appears that Pelosi forgot her own new rules.

GOP members of the Committee on House Administration claimed Ms Pelosi had been seen on Thursday entering the House Chamber without going through the metal detectors she had ordered installed after the riots on January 6th. 

The members made a tit-for-tat demand on Friday evening, writing to the House Acting Sergeant-at-Arms Timothy Blodgett and requesting Pelosi be issued the newly implemented fine.

The Republicans wrote on Friday: “Yesterday at approximately 9:59 a.m. multiple members observed the Speaker of the House entering the House Chamber without completing security screening.”

They added: “What was observed was a clear violation of House Resolution 73 and you are required by House Rules to impose this fine. Please inform us once the fine has been assessed.”

"We look forward to a prompt response to this inquiry."

The GOP members of the committee tweeted on Friday night, along with a copy of the letter, adding: “We are demanding she face the same fines as every other member of Congress.”

Following the measures introduced on Tuesday, several Republican lawmakers, including Reps. Lauren Boebert of Colorado and Louie Gohmert of Texas, flatly refused to walk through the metal detectors before entering the chamber.

Their defiance prompting Pelosi to add a penalty for noncompliance.

Republicans have rejected the new security measures, claiming that the threat is from external forces, not fellow members – a sentiment Democratic lawmakers have fervently pushed back on.

Earlier on Friday, The Post reported that Reps. Louie Gohmert and Andrew Clyde were the first House members hit with the new fine – which is taken directly from their $174,000 salaries.

Gohmert said he will appeal the fine, claiming he went through the metal detector and then left to go to the bathroom through a side door before he was needed on the House floor. 

Though he was not re-screened before returning to the chamber.

Gohmert said in a statement: “Unlike in the movie ‘The Godfather,’ there are no toilets with tanks where one could hide a gun, so my reentry onto the House floor should have been a non-issue.

 The Texas Republican added: "I will be appealing the fine and taking whatever action is necessary, especially considering this policy is unconstitutional.”

Nearly two weeks after the January 6 riots, gun-toting Lauren Boebert led a charge against Capitol metal detectors as others blasted Pelosi's "communist America."

The House sergeant-at-arms office issued a statement last month saying everyone going into the chamber must be screened for prohibited items, including firearms.

However, Representative Boebert, of Colorado, has since publicly slammed the screening demand, dubbing it as a "political stunt" from Pelosi.

Boebert has talked openly about carrying her firearm around town and onto the Capitol grounds.

"I am legally permitted to carry my firearm in Washington, DC, and within the Capitol complex," she tweeted.

"Metal detectors outside of the House would not have stopped the violence we saw last week — it’s just another political stunt by Speaker Pelosi."

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