Recipe: Beef Tartare from Yaletown’s Elisa Steakhouse

Beef Tartare ‘the new classic’ quail egg, Easter egg radish, gem lettuce, barbecue sauce, Vancouver Island sea salt

For the beef tartare:

70 g/2.5 oz beef tenderloin – fine dice
2 g cornichon – fine dice
2 g minced shallot
25 g breakfast radish, fine dice
4 g chopped flat leaf parsley
2 g white anchovy fillet
dash of Tabasco
Vancouver Island sea salt and fresh ground black pepper
1 quail egg yolk
barbecue sauce
gem leaves
drizzle of olive oil

Place the minced beef in a stainless steel bowl – add the cornichon, shallot, radish, parsley, anchovy and Tabasco, stir then season with salt and pepper.

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