Puppy is born with GREEN fur in the Philippines

Puppy is born with GREEN fur in the Philippines and is named Wasabi – two weeks after similarly-coloured ‘Pistachio’ was born in Italy

  • Chona Lacsamana woke up to find her dog had given birth to a litter on 25 Oct. 
  • Among the newborn puppies was one that stood out with its light-green fur 
  • The pooch, which has now been named Wasabi, will stay with its mother and siblings in La Union province, Philippines  

A puppy has been born with green fur in the Philippines – two weeks after a similarly-coloured pooch named ‘Pistachio’ was born on an Italian farm.

Chona Lacsamana woke up to find her dog Mocha sleeping with a bundle of newborn pups inside their house in La Union province on 25 October.

The puppies were coloured black, white, brown, and Chona spotted an exceptional one which appeared to be light green.

Chona thought the puppy, which she has now named Wasabi, was stained from blood during birthing but then inspected the pooch to confirm its colour. 

The newborn puppy, now named Wasabi, was born in the Philippines earlier this month with a light-green coat despite its brothers and sisters being black, white, brown and spotted

Wasabi clambers to feed from her mother in La Union province in the Philippines. Chona Lacsamana, who owns the dog and her puppies, said she discovered the litter next to the mother on 25 October 

The puppies will not be put up for adoption because they are the mother’s first babies, Chona said.  

Chona added: ‘We will take care of the dog together with its siblings and mother. They are all special for us.’

The family named the dog ‘Wasabi’ after the green spicy condiment from Japan.

Dogs born with green fur are extremely rare and could only happen after the foetus comes in contact with a green pigment called ‘biliverdin’ while inside the womb. 

Wasabi clambers around his brothers and sisters. Chona said the puppies would not be put up for adoption as they are the mother’s first babies 

Despite their rarity, another puppy with a similar green coat was born on a farm in Sardinia just a few days before Wasabi was delivered.   

Italian farmer Cristian Mallocci could not believe his eyes when one of his eight dogs gave birth to the green-tinted puppy on the Mediterranean island.

The tiny dog, which he named Pistachio, was part of a five-strong litter. 

The rest of his siblings, as well as the puppies’ cross-breed mother, all have a white coat.  

The green puppy phenomenon

 Puppies with green fur are an incredibly rare occurrence (Pistachio pictured)

Puppies with green fur are an incredibly rare occurrence.

The tinting comes from a bile pigment called biliverdin which is found in the placenta of dogs.

Biliverdin dislodges as the puppy is born and mixes with the amniotic fluid which surrounds puppies in their mother’s womb.

If the levels of biliverdin are uncommonly high as it mixes with the fluid, it can stain the puppy’s coat. 

There are no known health risks involved with the phenomenon and the colour usually corrects itself within weeks of birth.

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