Politician who told GOP rep to ‘kill yourself’ says he’ll take mental health classes

Brooklyn State Sen. Kevin Parker, who via Twitter told a GOP rep “Kill yourself!” after she called him out for his questionable use of a governmental parking placard, admitted Thursday he has to work out problems with rage — and his car.

Parker said he’d take city First Lady Chirlane McCray’s advice and sign up for her Thrive NYC mental-health education courses.

“I think that she is right. I am going to take her up on her offer after the first of the year and get the training and expand people’s knowledge and understanding around issues around mental health in the New Year,” he said.

Meanwhile, the senator’s ride has the wrong plates, a lapsed inspection and an un-authorized parking placard, The Post learned Thursday.

His Lexus RX 450h bears plates reading “JEA 2768,” but the registration sticker affixed to the car’s windshield lists the tags as “GUU 8184.”

That’s against the law, according to state DMV officials.

“It is not legal to drive a car with license plates that do not match the registration,” according to agency spokesman Tim O’Brien, who said violators face up to a $200 fine for the infraction.

Then there’s Parker’s state inspection, which lapsed in November. The required yearly inspections are meant to ensure vehicles are road-safe and meet emissions requirements.

But Parker — who introduced bills this year to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions and create a carbon-fuel tax — still hasn’t gotten the inspection.

Skipping it carries a fine of up to $50 that increases the longer the car goes uninspected.

On top of all that, Parker’s parking placard incorrectly says it was “authorized by NYC DOT” — the city Department of Transportation — and is registered to the wrong plate number.

“That placard is NOT from DOT. It should not say authorized by NYC DOT [because] it is not,” agency rep Alana Morales said.

A phone number listed on the placard is associated with the state Division of Homeland Security, according to public records — but no one returned messages left there, and the agency did not immediately respond to an inquiry.

State officials said they would look into the placard.

Parker says his registration paperwork is up to date but he hasn’t had a chance to switch out the windshield tags.

“I just been forgetting to do it,” said the senator, whose chamber has been out of session since late June.

“I just haven’t changed the registration yet. You have to scrape it out and put the new one in.”

Parker said he also got a 10-day extension on his vehicle inspection that ends Sunday.

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