Police release video of shocking moment pensioners are hit by lorry

Shocking moment elderly couple are hit by a lorry hit after they jaywalk across a busy road

  • The elderly couple try to dash across the busy junction in Bournemouth, Dorset
  • A lorry suddenly drives off and the couples are knocked by the vehicle
  • Dorset police released the CCTV footage to highlight the dangers of jaywalking

This is the horrifying moment an elderly couple are hit after they step into the blind spot of a lorry driver while crossing a busy road.  

CCTV footage captured the pair dashing behind a bus and into the path of a lorry at a junction on Poole road in Bournemouth, Dorset.  

As the lorry takes off, the couple appear to be hit by the vehicle before the driver brakes. 

The couple dash across the road in front of the lorry at a junction on Poole road in Bournemouth, Dorset

Due to the high windscreen, the lorry driver appears oblivious to the couple who dash in front of the vehicle.

And CCTV captures the moment as the pair desperately try to run to the opposite pavement to escape being run over.

Luckily the driver made an emergency stop and a swerved quickly to the right to avoid a collision.

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Fortunately the pedestrians were not seriously injured. But the footage was released by police to highlight the dangers of jaywalking. 

Dorset Traffic Police wrote: ‘Warning. Some people may find this video upsetting.

‘Whilst a lot of our work is around the standards of driving, sometimes, we need to offer advice to other people.

The driver appears oblivious to the couple and they are knocked by the lorry

‘If you are a pedestrian, please consider where you cross the road, especially if there are large vehicles around.

‘Be mindful that you might not be easily seen by the driver. If there is a designated crossing point, our advice would be to use it.

‘Thankfully in this incident, no-one was seriously hurt, but it could have been so much more serious.’ 

Users on social media were critical of the couple for taking such unnecessary risk.

The couple desperately try to escape being run over and make a dash for the pavement

One user wrote: ‘I drive HGV’s for a living and see this all the time. The worst offenders are usually young mums with pushchairs.’

Another user commented: ‘Glad to hear the pedestrians are ok, but the consequences could have been a lot worse. Being a HGV Driver and having to deal with these scenarios everyday the dangers are real.’

One user wrote: ‘Hope they were at least cautioned for jaywalking. That poor lorry driver must have had such a shock.’ 

Dorset Traffic Police also commented. They wrote: ‘The lorry driver is not to blame and the pedestrians wanted the video to be shared to highlight the risks involved in what they did. 

‘Luckily they only received minor injuries, but in another case in the past couple of years a pedestrian sustained a lot more serious injuries.’

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