Parents accused of torturing daughter, 3, after going on Russia’s answer to Jeremy Kyle to blame sibling for bruises – The Sun

PARENTS are being investigated for torture after shocking images emerged of their three-year-old daughter with her eyes completely black.

The girl’s parents even appeared on a Russia's answer to the Jeremy Kyle show and blamed their 18-month-old toddler for carrying out the horrific abuse.

The incident took place in the village of Dachny in the Omsk region of the southern Russian region of Omsk Oblast and came to light after mother Yulia Pogiba, 27, and father Alexander Pogiba appeared on the show.

Shocking images of their unnamed three-year-old daughter with horrific bruising to her eyes were shown to viewers.

In the photos, the girl's eyes appear to have been forced shut by the swelling.

Reports state the couple are alleged to have beaten the girl on May 8 before taking her to hospital with bruising to her face and body.

Doctors found the girl was also suffering from concussion, anaemia and malnutrition when they treated her.

The parents reportedly claim that the injuries were inflicted by the girl’s younger sister, who is just 18 months old.

A criminal case into "intentional infliction of moderate damage to the health of a minor", "failure to fulfil obligations to educate a minor", and "torture" has been launched.

Local media report the family of seven have been under the supervision of the local police department and social services after the parents were reported for not raising the five children correctly.

All the children have now been removed from the parents and are under the care of social services.

A criminal investigation has also been launched into the workers who were in charge of the case for failing to prevent the girl from being abused.

There have been no updates on the current condition of the girl and it is unclear if the parents have been arrested.

The investigation is ongoing.

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