Omid Scobie takes a swipe at the Queen as he claims 'no senior Royal' stepped in to solve Prince William & Harry's rift

OMID Scobie took a sensational swipe at the Queen by claiming "no senior Royal" stepped in to solve Prince William and Harry's rift.

The Finding Freedom author believes the brotherly row could have been squashed if a Royal family member had stepped in – but said no one has intervened in the sibling squabble.

In an interview on This Morning – which coincided with the news that Piers Morgan was cleared by Ofcom over comments he made about Meghan Markle – Scobie said the "family fractures" were far from fixed.

"I wish there was a.. you know, we have all experienced family squabbles and so on, but there is always a senior member of the family who clips you round the ear and pulls you all together and says talk!

"And I haven't heard that from any source connected to the family that there has been someone who has played that role.

"I'm sure if Diana was here today, that's exactly what she would do. But I've certainly not heard that from any of the others."

Scobie's apparent jibe towards Her Majesty comes after the release of a new epilogue for the biography based on the Sussexes, on the 24th anniversary of Princess Diana's death.

He discussed his new chapter, which delves into the Sussexes past 12 months, with hosts Rochelle Hulme and Alison Hammond.

"I think one thing I really wanted to give in this update was a positive update on the family fractures and how they've mended," he said.

"Unfortunately, that hasn't really happened."

Despite Harry's return trips to be a part of "those really important family moments", he claimed nobody has coordinated a reconciliation between the warring Princes.

"I think a lot of that is down to do with the pandemic. None of us have been going anywhere and Harry and Meghan live almost 4,000 miles away," Scobie explained.

Referring to Harry and William's united displays at both the unveiling of Princess Diana's statue and the funeral of their grandfather Prince Philip, he said: "Everyone involved has made sure that the focus remains on that and nothing else, so there hasn't really been that opportunity to sit down."

"It's not the time or the place, but."

The new epilogue hints that Meghan, 40, and Harry, 36, would open up more about their "journey towards healing family relations" in the future.


But the revised chapter, penned by Scobie and Carolyn Durand, also claimed the couple are now keen to take "accountability and ownership" for their role in the rift with the Royals.

Scobie said they were then simply "desperate to get their story out there" when they sat down with Oprah Winfrey for an explosive interview in March this year, which reignited the already fraught feud.

He said "very little progress is being made" despite time healing some wounds.

Some Royal experts suggest the ongoing tension between the brothers began when the Duke of Sussex stepped down from life as a senior royal to move to the US with his wife Meghan.

Since then there have been more reported feuds – the most pivotal proving to be Harry and Meghan's tell-all chat with Oprah Winfrey.

Meghan and Harry's televised interview with Oprah sparked a royal crisis, as several members of the family came under fire.

In the explosive chat, the couple alluded to Harry's rift with William, with the 36-year-old saying he loved his older brother "to bits" but that they were on "different paths".

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