New York Man Miles McChesney Left Tinder Date On Highway To Die After She Fell Off His Harley, Lawsuit Claims

Miles McChesney left his Tinder date to die on a Florida highway after she fell off the back of his Harley Davidson motorcycle, a lawsuit from the deceased woman’s family claims.

Jennifer St. Clair was killed last week on a highway in Pompano Beach after being fatally struck by multiple vehicles, the Florida Highway Patrol said. As the New York Daily News reported, the woman’s family claimed that McChesney picked up St. Clair on his motorcycle for a date at a restaurant in nearby Delray Bay. He was impaired as they drove home at close to 2 a.m. and drove recklessly, causing St. Clair to fall into oncoming traffic, the family’s lawsuit claims.

But Florida investigators have not been as open to discuss the details of St. Clair’s death. As the Sun-Sentinel reported, the accident remains under investigation and they have not announced whether McChesney will face charges for her death.

“The only thing we can confirm is that she was a passenger on a motorcycle and ended up on the roadway,” said Alvaro Feola, a lieutenant with the Florida Highway Patrol.

“FHP is still investigating how she ended up on the roadway.”

McChesney’s attorney, Russell Cormican, also said he was awaiting more details from police and had not yet seen the lawsuit from the family of Jennifer St. Clair, which was filed on Friday.

“It was a tragic event, but I’m unable to comment at this time because I haven’t seen the lawsuit yet,” Cormican said.

McChesney is accused of only briefly stopping before speeding off and not seeking help for the badly injured woman. The family’s attorney, Todd Falzone, said that McChesney’s cousin, who was at the restaurant and was driving ahead, called 911 when he saw that Jennifer was no longer on the motorcycle.

While Miles McChesney has not yet faced any charges in the death of his Tinder date, the man who owns the motorcycle he drove that morning is in some potential legal trouble as well. Falzone announced that the man who let McChesney borrow the Harley Davidson motorcycle, John E. Lewis, is also being sued on a charge of negligence.

As the Florida Highway Patrol continues its investigation into the death of Jennifer St. Clair, they are asking anyone with information about the fatal accident to call Broward County Crime Stoppers at 954-493-8477. Up to $3,000 could be given for information that leads to an arrest in her death.

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