New Jersey poised to legalize marijuana on Election Day

The Garden State could turn green on Election Day.

New Jersey residents are voting Tuesday on a constitutional amendment to allow legal recreational pot sales.

The measure would legalize the possession and use of marijuana for people age 21 and older, as well as legalize the cultivation, processing and sale of retail marijuana.

If approved, New Jersey would become the 12th state to legalize pot.

The issue seems poised to pass — voters supported the move two-to-one in a Fairleigh Dickinson University poll last month. It found that 61 percent of likely voters intended to vote, or have already voted, yes, compared to 29 percent who will vote or have voted not.

Marijuana legalization enjoyed the most support from Democrats (71 percent), men (66 percent) and 18-34 year olds (77 percent).

Cannabis purchases would be subject to 6.625 percent sales tax and likely an extra 2 percent tax levied by municipalities where it’s sold, reported.

People from outside of New Jersey could also buy weed in the state.

If the referendum does pass, there are still finer details New Jersey would have to hammer out, including how much weed a person could buy and who would be allowed to sell it.

In Colorado, for example, people 21 years or older can legally possess 1 ounce of marijuana, while medical patients can have up to 2 ounces. The rule is the same in Illinois, the most recent state to legalize pot, where those 21 and older can legally possess 30 grams.

It’s also unclear where people would be permitted to smoke marijuana, though other states where it’s legal limit consumption to private property. Some states have also opened cannabis lounges for on-site consumption.

That means it could be months or even years before legal sales begin taking shape.

The Cannabis Regulatory Commission would likely license new operators, according to, which noted that the commission is slated to take over the state’s booming medical marijuana program from the Health Department.

Currently, there are 12 companies licensed to grow, process and dispense medical cannabis in Jersey. Patients with a medical marijuana license can buy up to 3 ounces a month from one of the state’s dispensaries, which sell pot for between $400 and $500 an ounce, the New York Times reported.

Gov. Phil Murphy, a Democrat, has long supported legalizing marijuana though failed to garner enough votes in the state legislature to pass a bill in the Senate.

“On Nov. 3, we are committed to making history in New Jersey to pass the legal adult use of marijuana,” Murphy said during an online panel about the issue last month, according to “We can’t fail, folks. We have to make sure this happens, and it will transform our state.”

Krista Jenkins, FDU poll director and professor of politics and government at FDU, said support for the issue in the state has “evolved considerably.”

“Just a few years ago, in 2018, we asked about recreational marijuana legalization and found support that was well beneath a majority, let alone anything that approached the support we’re seeing today,” she said. “Back then, 42 percent support what is being proposed today. The legislative maneuver to give voters the say looks like it will wind up with a decisive pro-pot outcome.”

Polls show roughly 60% support for the legalization of recreational marijuana. The governor and Democrat-led Legislature also support legalization.

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