New 'Bachelorette' format fails due to the women being rejected by multiple men

For those who thought having two bachelorettes dating the same group of men would get messy, you were absolutely correct. On this week's episode of The Bachelorette, Gabby Windey had a really hard time not taking it personally when multiple guys told her they were there for the other bachelorette, Rachel Recchia.

Earlier in the episode, Gabby had expressed doubt in her abilities to live up to the role as a bachelorette, when she found herself having an emotional breakdown over her past trauma on her one-on-one date. Gabby asked if she was "too broken for anyone to love" and said she was "scared people aren't going to be able to resonate" with her. So it didn't help when one contestant told Gabby the fact that she is "rough around the edges" was a reason why he had decided to pursue Rachel instead.

On the ladies' group date, three men ended up telling Gabby that they don't feel a connection with her and have thus decided to go all in on Rachel. And while Gabby appreciated the honesty, it was still hard to hear. At the end of the night, Gabby declined to give out her group date rose, as her self-esteem took a big hit. Gabby's rejection ultimately made the ladies realize that this new Bachelorette format just wasn't working out for them.

At the rose ceremony, host Jesse Palmer explained to the men, "Rachel and Gabby have realized that this whole thing is just not working for them. And to be honest, if this thing continues to go down this path, they're not going to find love. So, at the end of the day, that journey is over. But that doesn't mean they're just willing to give up. This is how it's going to work: Gabby and Rachel have decided that the best way, moving forward, is to continue on their journeys separately. If you accept a rose tonight, that means you are committing to dating one woman, that woman that offers you the rose that you accept, and not the other."

However, everyone, including Rachel and Gabby, were surprised to learn that if one of their roses was rejected, they would lose that rose. Something Rachel had to find out the hard way during the ceremony, when she offered a rose and was rejected three times for Gabby.

"I just feel so bad, and so rejected," shared Rachel. "This was so embarrassing and public. This was supposed to be us taking the power back. We literally handed it right back to all of them by doing this."

Bachelor Nation was pretty upset about Rachel and Gabby feeling hurt Monday, as they took to Twitter placing blame on the show's producers for making them go through this process to start off with.

Gabby and Rachel should have had their own set of men from the start!

— ♡ (@tvgoldtweets) July 26, 2022

Can we agree to never have two bachelorettes ever again? This is so unfair to both Gabby and Rachel #TheBachelorette

— Marie 🪲🪲 (@MarieEliz9) July 26, 2022

if only… this could’ve been avoided by giving Gabby and Rachel different seasons… if only

— Yeah it’s Jen (@jennnaa11) July 26, 2022

Gabby and Rachel taking their power back is what I’m here for. Making 2 women available as OPTIONS was the worst idea ever. #bachelorette

— ash. 🦋 (@basedyamz) July 26, 2022

Not these ugly men making both Gabby and Rachel feel insecure

— wine mom yor forger🍷 (@autumnvelvets) July 26, 2022

I hope Gabby and Rachel sue for damages because this is the biggest ripoff of a season I’ve ever seen#TheBachelorette

— TheBachBabes (@TheBachBabes) July 26, 2022

Me at the @ the bachelorette producers for putting Gabby and Rachel through this

— emily (@bachtweettweet) July 26, 2022

Fortunately, with that awkward rose ceremony behind them, the ladies can now move forward with their own men the way they should have had it from the start.

"Tonight was a little awkward at times, a little rocky at times … but I think, kind of, for the first time in this journey, I feel like I am in control," said Gabby in the end.

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

Watch a 'Bachelorette' contestant storming back in after he was kicked out:

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