Mystery as female rapper is found hanged at her home days after posting she feared for her life

ARGENTINE police are now treating the death of a young hip-hop artist on Christmas Day as suspicious, after she was found dead inside her home with a cable around her neck.

Paula Monica Gimenez, 21, known artistically as "Gemma" or "Chiny" was found hanging inside her home on Christmas Day, in the city of Posadas in the Argentine province of Misiones.

After initially considering the mum-of-ones untimely death a suicide, new evidence regarding her ex-boyfriend has now altered the course of the investigation.

Gimenez was celebrating the Christmas period with family and friends in a house across the street, before she decided to return home.

She was accompanied by her ex-boyfriend Franco, 21, who allegedly stayed at the residence for up to 20 minutes before leaving.

He claimed the rapper then threatened to hurt herself if he did not return, and said she had sent him images of a noose and a knife.

After calling his friend, identified only as Rodrigo, to go and check on her, she was found dead with a cable tied around her neck, InfoBae reports.

After notifying the police, those who had attended the festive gathering were questioned.

Ex-boyfriend Franco was briefly detained for questioning, but released by the Misiones police hours later.

According to local reports, Franco had explained he had not been in a relationship with Gimenez for six months, and she constantly threatened him with self-harm if he did not return with her.

Gimenez, who was a well-known hip-hop artist in Posadas, was the mother of a girl aged between six and seven, who she had from a previous relationship.

Given the circumstances surrounding her death, police initially ruled it as a suicide.

However, worrying social media posts uploaded by Gimenez on December 15 have since emerged, stating she "feared for her life" and felt "under threat".

The posts, less than two weeks before her death, include cryptic messages stating she "wanted to be known for music and not for something bad happening to her".

According to local newspaper Misiones Online, some of Gimenez’s neighbours described her relationship with Franco as “violent” and “toxic”.

The publication also reported that police found Franco had threatened Gimenez and her daughter using fake social media accounts, saying "If I see you close again, you and your daughter will regret it."

The new developments have led the authorities to relabel case from a suicide to a suspicious death, yet it is unclear if they officially consider Franco as a suspect.

Another screenshot of WhatsApp messages show Gimenez begging an unidentified male for help, suggesting her father had insisted she take out a restraining order against Franco, according to local media.

The heartbreaking message reads: "Sir, Franco was at my house recently. He jumped over the gate and banged on my door like a madman.

"My dad wants me to put a restraining order on him but I don't want to do that. But I'm going to ask you to please talk to him.

"My daughter wasn't there today, but if he does that again and my baby is there, I'm going to have to report him. Please I ask you, I don't want any more problems."

Gimenez's daughter was with her father at the time of her death.

Judge Verón was taking charge of investigative statements and is believed to be interviewing Gimenez's parents, awaiting the analysis of both her and Franco's phones.

There have been no further reports on the case.


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