My nightmare neighbour drove me out of my home… but she has been allowed to STAY – it’s so unfair | The Sun

A WOMAN says she has been driven out of her home by her nightmare neighbour – but the neighbour has unfairly been allowed to stay.

Nicola Wilde, 44, claims she has been through years of hell with her neighbour, but has feared for her life since the woman started a fire at her door.

Nicola says she has pleaded with her Manchester housing group to evict neighbour Nora Ward, but they won't – so she herself has moved 40 miles away while she waits.

Ward, 62, was last month sentenced to 15 months behind bars for arson with intent to endanger life.

But her sentence was suspended for two years, so she is still staying at the housing complex.

The long-standing tensions between the pair came to a head in May when Ward was caught on CCTV "carrying something ignited" before laying it down at the communal entrance to the block.

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The Manchester Crown Court heard the door was the only exit for people in the block, and two fires had already been extinguished leading up to the crime.

And Nicola isn't the only concerned resident – others living in the Wythenshawe Community Housing Group's property have spoken about their fear of being killed by Ward's actions.

Nicola said: "She has set fire to the front door and now she's allowed to come back and live there.

"I was told she was looking at five years but she was released and my front door is still not even fixed. I feel trapped in my own property and scared to live there.

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"My mental health has been going through the roof. I've spent every day speaking to housing and it's exhausting.

"I am having to live at my partner's house 40 miles away."

When Ward appeared in court it was heard that she had been engaging in anti-social behaviour "in and around" Nicola's home.

It was also heard how Ward had caused £1,500 worth of damage, and had previously started fires in the communal hallway and doorsteps.

However, she claimed she couldn't remember what had happened because she had been drinking.

Another neighbour's victim impact statement was read out in court.

It said: "The fires that have been set are getting closer to my property, I’m worried mine will be set on fire endangering me and my family.

"This could end up with somebody being killed by her actions. It’s got to stop before going too far.”

We are committed to ensuring our customers feel safe within their homes and take these matters seriously.

Speaking this week, Nicola said the door Ward damaged still hadn't been fixed.

She said: "This should have already been done, how can I reside in my property when the communal door is broken?

"I know she has bail conditions but that doesn't make my mental health any better.

"This has been going on since before 2016 and I have requested to move so many times and it still hasn't happened."

A Wythenshawe Community Housing Group spokesperson said: "We are aware of the ongoing dispute between Ms Wilde and her neighbour Ms Ward.

"Following Ms Ward’s release from prison we are liaising with the police and probation services to ensure the appropriate safety measures are put in place.

"This will include replacing the damaged communal door which has unfortunately been delayed due to supply chain issues.

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"In addition, Ms Wilde has been receiving assistance from our living well team and we are supporting her request to be rehoused in another area.

"We are committed to ensuring our customers feel safe within their homes and take these matters seriously."

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