Murdered teen, 17, was tortured before body parts thrown from moving car and severed head set alight in 'gangland hit'

MURDERED teenager Keane Mulready-Woods was tortured before he was killed and his body parts thrown from a moving car.

The 17-year-old's severed head was found in a blazing Volvo hatchback in Drumcondra, Dublin, yesterday morning.

Two days earlier his severed limbs had been found in a Puma sports bag thrown out of a moving car around five miles away in Coolock, Dublin.

Keane was last seen alive on Sunday evening at Saint Dominic's Bridge in Drogheda where he'd gone to meet associates.

Police believe he was abducted and taken to a nearby home, where he was tortured and murdered before his body was driven around 30 miles and brutally disposed of.


Detectives believe Keane was savagely murdered as part of a drugs war between crews based in Drogheda, a town north of Dublin.

Police are now hunting a “psychopathic” murderer, their main suspect is alleged to be a 35-year-old hitman from North Dublin, who officers describe as a “psychopath” and a “serial killer”.

A gruesome video has been circulating social media with many believing it was Keane's murder, but gardai have confirmed it is fake.

Chief Superintendent Christy Mangan said Keane's family were distressed by the pictures and video and asked people not to share it online.

Keane may have been targeted in revenge for the gangland hit of Richie Carberry in November 2019.

Carberry, 39, was gunned down outside his home in Bettystown, County Meath.

Cops think Keane was attacked due to his links to some of the gangster’s killers.

There is a lot of paranoia out there and because he [Keane] was working for both sides, he would have been an easy target.

A source told The Irish Sun: "There is a lot of paranoia out there and because he [Keane] was working for both sides, he would have been an easy target.

"Associates for Carberry were baying for blood and they wanted someone to pay with their life."

Gardai believe Keane was lured to his death after he was due to meet pals on Sunday.

Another source said: "We are dealing with young people who have got involved in something way over their heads and can see no way out.

"People should pick up the phone and tell gardai what they know because this type of violence only leads to further barbaric acts."

Police have described as the killing as “brutal and savage”.

Chief Supt Mangan said: "There are a number of groups basically interested in controlling certain parts of society through cocaine.

"They want to finance their own lifestyles through drugs and intimidation. We're not going to allow that to happen.

"We're there to protect the people in Drogheda, to protect the people in society and we will certainly do so in a very robust fashion.

"Keane is a 17-year-old juvenile, he disappeared on Sunday, January 12 and parts of his remains have now been discovered.

“This is a brutal and savage attack on a child and is completely unacceptable in any normal democratic society. The level of violence is shocking."

In a statement, he added: "It is important to remember that Keane was a child, a young boy, trying to find his way in life, he has now lost his life and his family have lost their loved son and brother."

Tributes to the murdered teenager were posted on social media, with one saying: "What sort of world are we living in. He was only a child. God love the young lad's family."

Another said: "Thinking of you all. My heart is absolutely broke for you. It's such a cruel world."


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