Mortgage adviser sacked for moaning about having to work long hours has won £23,000 compensation

A MORTGAGE adviser sacked for moaning about having to work long hours has won £23,000 compensation.

Helen McMahon often did 12-hour days with no lunch break, an employment tribunal was told.

At a meeting with Heron Financial manager Robin Thomas in May 2019, Mrs McMahon, who earned £27,000 a year, complained about her hours, commission and sick pay.

She told the tribunal: “I said I was working more than 48 hours a week, that it was stressing me out and I wanted somehow to reduce my hours.”

Two days later Mrs McMahon was fired by founder Warren Harrocks, with no explanation.

The company, of Rickmansworth, Herts, told the tribunal that she was sacked due to performance concerns — despite them giving her a bottle of champagne as a reward for her work that year.

Mr Harrocks also said he was unaware of any grievances aired during her earlier meeting.

But a text from Mr Thomas to one of his colleagues said Mrs McMahon “was always moaning”.

Judge Sarah King, sitting in Cambridge, ruled she was unfairly dismissed and awarded her a total of £23,000.

She said: “It is clear that (Heron Financial) considered (Mrs McMahon) a ‘moaner’ — someone who complained.

“Her dismissal was because she was ‘moaning’. That was unfair as no process was followed and there was no fair reason to dismiss.”

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