Moment raging driver leaps across highway to punch & kick eco-protesters blocking road | The Sun

THIS is the moment a raging driver leaped across a highway to begin punching and kicking eco-protesters who were blocking the road.

Shocking footage captured the moment that the man dashed out into the B36 highway near the Victoria Tower in Mannheim, Germany, and began assaulting the eco-activists.

He was spotted wearing a white vest and grey tracksuit bottoms as he fought among several other enraged motorists who were confronting the protesters.

The eco-zealots donned orange uniforms and sat on the tarmac while blocking three vehicle lanes.

When the protestors refused to move, the assailant snapped and began punching and kicking the group before dragging them away.

But Aimée van Baalen, a Last Generation spokeswoman, remains confident in their commitment to continue protesting – despite the controversy. 


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"'The federal government ignored our protest for so long that scenes like yesterday in Mannheim have now occurred – this saddens and shocks us," she said.

The incident comes after a police officer dumped vegetable oil over the head of a protester who was seen blocking a bridge.

German outlet Rheinpfalz shared an image that showed the cop holding a huge canister of oil before pouring it down on an eco-protester who was sitting on the Konrad Adenauer Bridge between Mannheim and Ludwigshafen on Saturday.

Mannheim police confirmed to German media they were investigating the event but refused to offer a comment on the actions of the police officer. 

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Last Generation are known for their road-based protests which often see activists gluing themselves to the tarmac – similar to the actions of Extinction Rebellion and Just Stop Oil in the UK.

The group reportedly staged 276 road blockages in Germany alone in 2022. 

This incident comes after US cops showed British police how to handle eco protesters as they were spotted driving a truck through an Extinction Rebellion barricade last month.

Footage showed rangers taking a no-nonsense approach to climate activists as they blocked a road to Burning Man festival in Nevada.

The demonstrators appeared to lock themselves in a trailer, causing traffic chaos and mile-long queues – sparking fury among those trying to attend the festival.

But cops from the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribal Police Department of Nevada plowed straight through the barrier and quickly began arresting protestors.

And in May, cops imposed section 12 notices to Just Stop Oil who were slowly marching in Regent Street during the Bank Holiday.

Protesters from the group, an offshoot of Extinction Rebellion, blocked roads and bridges in the capital in order to highlight their demand that the government stop new oil and gas projects.

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