Moment hero dog chases off four machete-wielding thieves after gang broke into family home

THIS is the moment a hero dog chases off four machete-wielding thieves after a gang broke into a family home.

The hooded thugs were filmed running in a panic as Staffie Macey chased them down the street – biting at their ankles to protect the Birmingham house.

The chaos unfolded in the middle of the night on July 30, with one of the hooded home invaders kicking in the front door before the second came storming in while pulling a giant knife out of his tracksuit.

But it was at that moment the thugs were confronted by brave seven-year-old Macey and Bruce, a three-year-old French bulldog.

In horrifying footage, the armed burglars are seen slashing down at Bruce – gashing his back – while Macey fought back and ultimately managed to chase them down the street.

Dad Paul Davis, 36, woke after hearing the chaos and jumped out of bed to find Macey had successfully driven the thieves away.

The mechanic, fiancee Jenna Byrne, also 36, and his three daughters, said: "Macey is our absolute hero.

"I think she saved my life that night and probably that of Jenna and the girls too."

Paul believes the house was targeted due to the Land Rover on their driveway, but because of Macey's fearless intervention the only damage caused to the family home was a smashed front door and some broken brickwork around it.

Despite the lucky escape, Paul said he and his girls Kayli, 15, Kortney, 12, and Klara were all emotionally scarred by the attack.

Son Jay, 17, was out of the house when the incident happened.

Paul said: "We're all still really shaken up. The girls don't want to stay in the house and that's the hardest part.

"I just don't want this happening to any other families. A couple more houses were tried by them on our street, one on our side of the road and another on the opposite side."

Yet despite the emotional effects, at least Paul and his family know that Macey will always be prepared to protect them.

Jenna said: "It was just so amazing to see what she did for us. For her to sit outside and wait to come back in like that, it just shows how good a dog she is.

"She's such a big part of our family and just a really lovely dog with the kids. She wouldn't bite anyone even if we told her to.

"There's no training for her to have done what she did, it was just her natural instinct to protect us. I cried when I realised it was her being hit on the CCTV."

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