Moment evil husband, 21, slaps wife, 22, and her mum, 49, in Shisha bar hours before stabbing them to death in jealous rage

Janbaz Tarin, 21, repeatedly stabbed Raneem Oudeh, 22 and her mother Khaola Saleem, 49, outside their home in Solihull, West Mids.

Just hours before the brutal killings, Tarin stalked the pair into Rotana Sheesha bar in Birmingham and launched into a menacing tirade when he saw her talking to another man on the night of August 26.

Tarin was sentenced to life in prison after pleading guilty to their murders at Birmingham Crown Court today.

CCTV released following the guilty plea shows him slapping both women in the face and taking Raneem's mobile phone before he was thrown out by staff.

Tarin was seen making a throat-cutting gesture to the mother of his child before driving off in a white van. He had previously threatened: 'If you leave me, I will kill you and your family'.

Panicked Raneem called police a number of times and is seen on camera frantically speaking to officers on the phone from the bar's front desk.

Hours later the mother and daughter were dead after Tarin followed them home and butchered them in the street.

West Midlands Police is currently under investigation by the Independent Office for Police Conduct over its response to the calls.

Following the killings on Northdown Road, Solihull, Tarin fled and sparked a three-day manhunt.

Raneem had dumped her husband, who she married under Islamic law, in the weeks before his attack after learning he had three children and a secret wife who was pregnant with a fourth child in Afghanistan.

Jilted Tarin, who met Ms Oudeh at Solihull College, had also lied to her about how young he was.

He was abusive towards her in the relationship and she had previously contacted the police about his violent behaviour.

Neighbours told Sun Online how they would regularly hear screaming and crying coming from the couple's flat in the Kinghurst area of Birmingham.

After the split Tarin repeatedly harrassed his ex-partner, sleeping outside Mrs Saleem's address for 12 consecutive nights.

Ms Oudeh had secured a non-molestation order against him after he smashed her phone on August 10.

Timeline of murder victim's desperate pleas for help

10.34pm – Raneem called 999 to tell police Tarin had slapped them in Rotana Shisha bar.

11.08pm – She called officers again to say she had left the lounge and was on her way home but was still fearful of her husband.

11.42pm – Raneem called police again to ask where they were.

12.18am – Police called her back but received no response.

12.26am – Raneem called police to say she and her mother were going back to her mother's house in Solihull.

12.30am – The pair were confronted by Tarin outside the address while Raneem was on the phone to police. The pair were found dead in the street just minutes later.

But he flouted the ban and in the hours leading up to the assault Ms Oudeh made three calls to police.

She was on the phone to a 999 call handler when Tarin struck.

In the weeks before her murder, Ms Oudeh told family members he had threatened her, saying "if you leave me, I will kill you and your family".

Speaking to Sun Online at the time of the killings, Mohammed Miskari, director of Rotana Sheesha, described the moments after Tarin stormed into the bar.

He said: "She was standing at the bar and a guy was standing with her buying her a drink. He [Tarin] came in and shouted at him: 'Why are you paying for her?'

"The guy said back 'what's the problem?' and he said: 'That's my wife'.

"The man stood back and said 'I've got nothing to do with this – she's your wife' and left.

"It then flared up and there was an argument. I didn't see what happened but I know that she called the police from inside the bar. But they never turned up.

"He [Tarin] jumped in his white van, a long one, and was waving his hand across his neck.

"The girl was terrified. She was desperate for the police to come but they didn't.

"The next morning, when I heard what had happened, I was shocked because I had seen her the night before."

After today's hearing at Birmingham Crown Court, the victims' family slammed police over their failure to respond to Raneem's pleas.

Nour Norris, 39, said: "Prior to the murder, he was well known to the police for being violent towards Raneem. It was very obvious his life situation could lead to this.

"Raneem made many phone calls to the police that night. Unfortunately my sister had to fight for her daughter and that's why her life was taken.

"They understood that he was after them, she called the police and the result was that the police didn't turn up and my sister had to fight for her daughter, and lost her life.

"Another thing we couldn't believe was that because she called the police many times on that night, they couldn't locate him straight away.

"That was one of the things that made us feel more unhappy and more sad and more let down by the authority.

"We want to share the story because we want to protect other women. We have to change some law because something is not working.

"It didn't work for them that night and it didn't work for them for a few months when Raneem has asked for help."

Neighbours living near Tarin's family home in the Sparkhill area of the city said he would boast about having two partners – one in the UK and one in Pakistan.

Shahida Mahmood, 45, said: "The family were originally from Afghanistan but lived in Pakistan for a bit and he had a wife there as well before moving here.

"He would laugh and joke about having two wives and brag about it quite a bit because he said they didn't know about each other.

"I told him it wasn't funny to laugh about that but he thought it was hilarious for some reason."

Sentencing, Mrs Justice Sue Carr said: "Having stalked Raneem the evening before, you equipped yourself with a knife, followed Raneem to her mother's address and carried out a vicious and sustained attack on both women.

"You had been in a relationship with Raneem, having married through an Islamic ceremony in 2016, with the reluctant blessing of her family.

"Around the end of last year, Raneem discovered that, contrary to your assurances you had already married a first wife with whom you had multiple children and who lived in Afghanistan.

"At a family meeting, you were asked to keep away from her. Although you agreed at the time, you failed to honour that agreement."

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