Man, 62, who ‘raped and strangled seven-year-old girl to death is arrested after attending her funeral’

A 62-YEAR-OLD man has been arrested for allegedly raping and strangling a seven-year-old girl to death, just one hour after he had attended her funeral.

Mykola V lured his young neighbour Maria Borisova to his apartment in southern Ukraine before he reportedly attacked her.

Investigators believe he kept her body in his home for four days, before dumping the youngster at a nearby abandoned barn after wrapping her in plastic bags.

The site was previously searched multiple times as police desperately hunted for the 7-year-old with a 200-strong group of officers, as well as the National Guardsman.

Maria disappeared on March 7 – the eve of International Women's Day -and is thought to have been murdered on the same day.

"The abandoned unfinished building was checked more than once. Among the suspects were all residents of the village without exception," said the head of the National Police of Ukraine, Igor Klymenko.

"Investigators and operatives interviewed everyone, dozens of people went through a lie detector.

"The man wrapped the corpse in plastic bags, carried it to an abandoned barn, and dropped it there.

"He knew the place had already been searched by police and dog handlers several times," he explained.

The seven-year-old's body was found on March 11 during a re-examination of the area.

The callous alleged killer then attended the little girl's funeral alongside her heartbroken loved ones in the village of Shchaslyve in southern Ukraine.

Little Maria was touchingly buried alongside a gift that her father had bought her to commemorate International Women's Day.

Officers arrested Mykola V just one hour later after DNA evidence linking him to the crime was found.

The 62-year-old, believed to be a Russian native, reportedly slashed his wrist when authorities swooped on his apartment.

"The man cut his wrists trying to kill himself and avoid punishment. But we managed to revive him," Klymenko continued.

"He will be brought to justice for what he had done."

According to reports, the sperm found on the victim's body matched the sperm specimen of the alleged killer.

Police official Tetyana Pshon explained: "Forensic examinations showed the girl was raped and strangled to death with bare hands."

Local news outlets reported that the monstrous Mykola V was previously convicted of a string of sexual crimes before he was released from prison 15 years ago.

A local resident told Obozrevatel, "This monster raped a boy with a toilet brush a lot of years ago.

"This boy survived his ordeal but became a disabled person with a mental disorder.

"He (Mykola) served a sentence then came back to live in our town."

Another neighbour claimed: "Almost always he was drunk. When drunk heavily, it has been and delirium tremens."

Mykola is believed to be a known acquintance of the Borisova family.

Authorities are now pursuing a criminal case against the suspect, who faces life in prison if he is convicted of rape and murder of a minor.

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