LOL Surprise dolls spark concern from parents as they appear in lingerie after being dipped in water

LOL Surprise dolls have sparked concern from parents as they appear to be in lingerie after being dipped in water.

Parents have claimed the LOL Surprise dolls appear to be dressed in "inappropriate" clothing once they’re dipped into ice-cold water.

New worries arose after a year-old Reddit post of one LOL Surprise Doll appearing in black lingerie has been circulating the internet.

A reddit user shared her shocking discovery last year about her 3-year-old's LOL Surprise Doll – which her daughter received as a Christmas gift.

"When you dip her in cold water her 'secret spy outfit' shows up. Aka secret lingerie," the mom, who goes by the username tiffythebomb, said.

"And for whatever reason the nipples become extremely visible.

"The leopard print skimpy outfit she came with also makes her look like a hooker."

Her legs also appear to have tattoos on them – after being put in the cold water.

The outfit change is part of the "surprise" that's in the dolls' name.

LOL Surprise dolls, which were created by MGA Entertainment in 2016, stands for Little Outrageous Little Surprise.

However, the seductive-type lingerie is not the type of surprise parents were expecting.

Another mom, Hillary Williams, went live on Facebook this week to do a test of putting the dolls in ice-cold water.

The video, which has obtained more than 27million views, shows Hillary testing what happens to the dolls when they're put in the water.

According to her findings, one naked LOL Surprise doll does, in fact, spring a new set of clothes that features black lines across her body.

Another doll she tests, which starts out naked with only what appears to be fishnet stockings, appears to have a “devil tail and wings” on her backside.

"So inappropriate for children, you guys," the woman says as she pulls a doll out of the water to find she has "things on her boobs."

"This is what we're buying for them and not knowing," she said.

"That's not OK."

LOTTA LOL, a website for baby doll reviews, explains online that some of the dolls change appearances in different temperatures of water.

"In the LOL Bigger Surprise, for example, there are four different dolls and one color changes in warm water," the website says.

"Lil sister gets a brown shirt and boots in COLD water. Brown haired big sister gets a black tuxedo jacket (she is a spy after all) and purple makeup in COLD water.

"Blond haired big sister gets a white swimsuit in WARM water (her blue outfit should fade). Pet gets pink shoes and glasses in COLD WATER.”

According to the review website: "LOL dolls are perfect for little ones 5 and up.

"Children over 5 'get' the concept of LOL dolls, have the fine and gross motor skills to effectively play with them, and are unlikely to put the dolls in their mouths."

MGA Entertainment did not immediately respond to The Sun's request for comment.

The Sun previously reported that parents were outraged to discover the LOL Surprise boy dolls have genitals.

In keeping with the surprise element of the dolls, kids have no idea which gender doll they are getting until it is unboxed.

However, parents took to social media to say they were surprised the male dolls have a sculptured penis and testicles in the genital area, where the girl dolls have a hole.

MGA Entertainment explained that the feature has been added to reflect "real life," but in a kid-appropriate way.

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