Lethbridge charity group raising money for YWCA

A Lethbridge charity group will be spreading their love to an important community organization on Valentine’s Day.

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GirlGang Kindness is hosting Galentine’s Day on Thursday in hopes of raising funds for the YWCA Harbour House. The group hopes to surpass their total of more than $2,000 that they raised last year while upholding the legacy of those close to them.

“I had a dear friend’s mother pass away just over a year ago and the YWCA Harbour House was a very important organization to her heart,” said Jess Fehr, co-founder of GirlGang Kindness. “Every year for 20 years she held a tea with her group of women and friends in the community, and instead of bringing a present for the Christmas season, they all brought donations to the YWCA. So as we were deciding where we wanted our first act of kindness to go to, it was sort of a no-brainer.”

The YWCA Harbour House features a 30-bed crisis unit for women and children who are involved in abusive intimate partner relationships.

“The YWCA Habour House is in desperate need of our support, in terms of funds and awareness. They turn away about 2,500 women and children every year who are fleeing domestic violence,” Fehr said. “As a cohort, Our GirlGang Kindness group feels like this is a very important issue to raise awareness for, so we hope this event can help with that.”

The Galentine’s Day event is scheduled to take place Thursday from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. at Hudsons Canada’s Pub.

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