Leave campaigners 'quietly preparing for second Brexit vote' as Corbyn gives strongest hint yet he'll back another referendum

MPs and activists are said to be making preparations for another referendum in case Parliament forces a second vote on the country.

Sources told the Financial Times that an aide to political strategist Lynton Crosby, the mastermind behind some of the Tories election victories, has been talking to Eurosceptic MPs about plotting the future of Brexit.

Informal chats on what to do if there were another vote have taken place, the paper claimed.

Ex-Tory party worker, David Canzini is said to be working at CTF Partners, Sir Lynton's consultancy firm.

One Whitehall official said: “Canzini has been around Westminster a lot over the last few weeks speaking to key leave MPs.

"It is clear that he is looking at how CTF can run a potential second referendum."

But Sir Lynton denied anyone at his company was working on a second referendum.

He said: "This Brexit debate is bringing out every fantasy and conspiracy claim."

Remain campaigners have been pushing for a so-called 'People's Vote' for months as part of attempts to overturn and wreck Brexit.

Pro-EU MPs could try and force a second vote on the public if Theresa May's Brexit deal gets chucked out next week.

Several ministers including Jo Johnson and Sam Gyimah have resigned in recent weeks saying that there must be a second referendum on the final deal.

Meanwhile, Labour boss Jeremy Corbyn has given his strongest hint yet that he will back another vote, but trashed plans for a Norway-style deal as some are puting for.

Writing in the Guardian he stressed that "if we cannot get an election, all options must be on the table".

He said that would include "the option of campaigning for a public vote to break the deadlock".

Mr Corbyn said of the Norway option it would leave Britain a "rule-taker of EU regulations without a say."

But Tories were quick to blast his intervention, saying he would be betraying his own voters.

Tory party chairman Brandon Lewis said this morning: “Jeremy Corbyn has given the strongest signal yet that Labour are considering backing a second referendum, breaking his promise to respect the country’s decision to leave.

"All Jeremy Corbyn offers is more division and uncertainty. After nearly two years of long and complex negotiations, he would take us back to square one.

"Our Brexit deal delivers on the referendum result by taking back control of our money, borders and laws, while protecting jobs, security and the integrity of the UK."

Yesterday Mr Corbyn was warned he'll kill off Labour completely if he joins a plot to cancel Brexit.

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