King Richard's daughter breaks down as she recalls finding son's body after suicide & appeals for others to seek help

KING Richard's daughter broke down in tears as she recalled her son Alphonse's tragic suicide and appealed for others to seek help if they are battling their own demons.

In an emotional video interview, exclusively obtained by The Sun, Sabrina Williams, the half-sister of tennis stars Serena and Venus, opened up about finding her son dead earlier this month – at just 21.

He took his own life on February 3 after years dealing with bipolar disorder and a recent diagnosis of Peyronie's disease, which causes the curvature of the penis.

Sabrina says Alphonse, who was openly gay and had a partner, felt his medical situation would affect his relationship and struggled to see a bright future ahead.

She feared he'd killed himself after his bedroom light was left on all night and he failed to get up when his morning alarm went off, but Sabrina admits she didn't want to face reality.

"I opened the door up and I called his name, nothing. And I said he's gone right then. I said, he's gone," she recalled through tears.

"I felt him and I called his name. He was just ice cold. I've never seen anything like that. He was freaking ice cold. So he had been gone for a long time.

"I asked my daughter-in-law let's call 911. And I screamed. I ran and said, call 911, call 911."

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Sabrina says one of the hardest moments on that fateful day was when the police declared her home a crime scene because of Alphonse's age and the sudden nature of his death.

"This is a two-hour process, they're waiting, which is killing me," she recalled. "I can't go in [his room] every time I go in there, it's like 'ma'am' and then we're waiting for the [coroner] to come.

"And she came and she was a really nice lady and the police were nice, but to be truthful I don't remember anything they said.

"I just kept saying don't hurt his body or anything. I know they moved him, but I didn't wanna move him.

"When I was on 911, the lady says, well, have you tried CPR? And I was like, ma'am he's cold. 'Well, have you tried CPR?' So I went to the position to try CPR," adding that she knew he was dead.

"She asked me some other questions and I just remember telling her, stop it, just get them here.

"But the whole time, I'm just thinking, how did I miss this? What did I not see? I mean, at 4 am, should I have probably gone in there, but I already knew he was gone. I just didn't want to face the facts.


"And I've asked myself, is that a bad mom? I don't know. I can't even say, I don't know. Would it have saved his life? No. Because he was already gone.

"One of the things for me that was a solace was that when I found him, he had this amazing peace about him. His face, he was gorgeous, just beautiful.

"I was really grateful. I know sounds selfish, but he didn't use a gun or anything like that, I don't know if I could take that memory."

She says her other son Elijah, who lived with the pair in Las Vegas, was "hysterical" and she tried to comfort him and other family members before they said their goodbyes to Alphonse.

"They finally let us in the room. I hugged him first for a while and I just said, dude, I love you. I didn't even say to him, why did you do this? I just said, dude, I love you so much."

She added: "I said a little prayer over him and just ask God to receive him in his arms."

The family believes Alphonse, who was studying computer programming at college and regularly seeing a counselor for his issues, had overdosed on unknown medication he purchased himself.

But they are still waiting for answers as the autopsy results could take weeks to come back.


Sabrina says her son's death could have been prevented, as he reached out to tell someone else he was going to take his own life, but he told her he was feeling okay.

"When somebody tells you they want to kill themselves, they are telling you, they are not playing," she said. "They don't want attention. They're asking for help.

"If somebody tells you, because if they feel they can, if somebody, they just want somebody to listen to them, once you do that, you can get them help. Suicide can be prevented. It really can.

"Just that one person, it just takes one person. My son is gone because one person brushed it aside."

Sabrina is estranged from her famous family and has only met her half-sisters once by chance, after her father Richard, now 80, walked out on his first family when she was just 8.

She previously slammed her dad and the Hollywood movie based on his life, King Richard, starring Will Smith – which has been nominated for five Oscars ahead of next month's ceremony.

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