Jet-setting gangland enforcer is ordered to pay back £3,000 blackmail

Gangland enforcer nicknamed ‘Chop, chop’ who boasted about his jet-set lifestyle is ordered to pay back £3,000 after extorting money from an innocent mother while chasing her ex’s £15,000 drug debt

  • Sebastian Jones, 35 nicknamed ‘Chop, Chop’ arrived at a victim’s home
  • Rebecca Livesley scraped together £1,000 and borrowed £2,000 to pay

A jet-setting gangland enforcer nicknamed ‘Chop, Chop’ has been ordered to pay back £3,000 after he extorted cash from an innocent mother while chasing a drug debt from her ex-boyfriend.

Powerfully built Sebastian Jones, 35, turned up at the victim’s home with another hoodlum to demand Rebecca Livesley hand over £15,000 with the pair warning her former partner’s mother would ‘get her f***ing head blown off’ if she failed to pay up.

A terrified Miss Livesley managed to scrape together £1,000 of her own money, and borrowed £2,000 from her father before later hand delivering it through the letterbox of Jones’ matrimonial home which has a statue of a bust of the Roman emperor Nero in the front window.

She subsequently alerted the police.

The incident in October 2022 occurred a year after father of one Jones who runs a driveway firm in Oldham, Greater Manchester sparked global public outrage when he and three friends breached Spanish police checkpoints to take bragging selfies near an erupting volcano on the island of La Palma.

Jet-setting gangland enforcer, Sebastian Jones (Pictured), 35 has been ordered to pay back £3,000 to the victim in compensation 

Christopher Swift (pictured), 30, was ordered to pay back a nominal £1 after a court heard he had no assets

At the time the group were branded ‘lava louts’ but Jones later claimed they were trying to save stranded dogs on the island.

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The group responded to social media campaigns to rescue the animals trapped near the flowing lava and rushed to save them, Seb (right) revealed

Numerous social media pictures showed Jones enjoying a string of exotic holidays in Portugal and Spain with his glamorous wife and looking after a string of unusual animals, birds and reptiles including a serval, brown eagle and baby alligator.

Last March Jones was jailed for 24 months after he admitted blackmail. His accomplice Christopher Swift, 30, was locked up for 27 months after pleading guilty to the same charge.

This week Jones was ordered back to court for a Proceeds of Crime hearing where he was ordered to surrender £3,000 and pay back the woman within three months or face another seven days in jail. Father of one Swift, from Salford was ordered to pay back a nominal £1 after a court heard he had no assets.

An earlier hearing was told Jones had been acting as an ‘intermediary’ to a group of ‘associates’ and had been tasked with collecting £15,000 after the victim’s ex ran up a drug debt.

He and Swift knocked on the victim’s door in Mossley at around 5pm but the woman’s 12-year-old son answered.

When Miss Livesley realised why the pair were there, she sent her three children and her father upstairs but Swift then threatened her, telling her he had ‘put the windows through’ the wrong house before.

He said he didn’t want to do the same to hers ‘because she has children’ and added: ‘I’m from Salford, mate. I’m not from round here.’ Then referring to her ex-boyfriend he added: ‘I’ll go to his mother’s house and blow her f***ing head off.’

Pictured: Powerfully built Sebastian Jones, nicknamed ‘Chop, Chop’  

Last March, Jones was jailed for 24 months after he admitted blackmail.

Jones was ordered to surrender £3,000 and pay back the woman within three months or face another seven days in jail

The victim was said to be ‘worried for herself and her family’ following the threats.

Jones later accepted he had ‘crossed a line’ by going to the victim’s family home but said his involvement was ‘short-lived’ that there was an ‘absence of actual violence’. He insisted he ‘did nothing aggressive during the encounter’.

Last June Jones celebrated his release from jail on Facebook saying: ‘IM BACK!!! 2 stone lighter, no doe (sic) & I’ve forgot all my best sh*gging moves but I’m back!!!’

Andrew MacIntosh prosecuting told the court: ‘He has benefitted to the tune of £3,000 and we would invite the court to make him pay compensation to the complainant. There is equity in his matrimonial home so there is money available.’

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