Jacob Rees-Mogg says he will now BACK Theresa May’s Brexit deal and BoJo hints he will switch too

JACOB Rees-Mogg has suggested he will back the PM's Brexit deal, admitting: "The choice seems to be Mrs May’s deal or no Brexit."

And former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said he too could "see the point of view" of Tory Brexiteers who are moving to support Theresa May's plan.

The shifting opinions come as a boost for Theresa May's chances of winning a third "meaningful vote" on the withdrawal agreement — which could come this week.

But it's not clear how many more hardliners will follow Mr Rees-Mogg or possibly Mr Johnson and switch sides.

Rees-Mogg insisted that No Deal is still better than Mrs May's deal — but warned that Remainer MPs would block Britain quitting without any deal at all.

It comes as the Commons voted to seize control of the Brexit process, with "indicative votes" starting tomorrow.

He told Conservative Home: "The Prime Minister will not deliver a No Deal Brexit."

Asked if there is now a choice between Mrs May's deal or no Brexit, he said: "No Deal is better than Mrs May's deal, but Mrs May's deal is better than not leaving at all."

He also told The Daily Mail: "I have come to this view because the numbers in Parliament make it clear that all the other potential outcomes are worse and an awkward reality needs to be faces."

Rees-Mogg added: "A number of Tory MPs think a new leader could swiftly renegotiate but that is almost certainly not true now that Parliament has taken control of the House of Commons timetable.

"It would be even harder for a Eurosceptic to manage the current Commons than it is for Mrs May."

The choice seems to be Mrs May’s deal or no Brexit.https://t.co/GggHZ7NEv5

This is the dreadful conclusion I came to too – and said so at the ERG.
A new #PM can then negotiate a better and more distanced relationship with the #EU after #Brexit.
(Of course this is the least worst option but the only practical way forward for now.) https://t.co/3FjfBpPAjg


Fellow Brexiteer Michael Fabricant agreed with Rees-Moggs comments made in Conservative Home, saying: "This is the dreadful conclusion I came to too."

David Davis added: "It's not a good deal, but the alternative is a complete cascade of chaos."

And Daniel Kawczynski, another switcher, blasted: "We Brexiteers are playing with fire, and we could get very, very burnt if this deal doesn't get through."

Ex-Chief Whip Andrew Mitchell said: "With the assertion last night of the role of Parliament, my friends and colleagues in the ERG can see the instruments of torture laid out in front of them, and may be they will, as clever Brexiteers like Jacob Rees-Mogg have been beginning to sound a lot less hostile to Mrs May's deal."

But other members of Mr Rees-Mogg's European Research Group are still holding out against the deal.

And Mrs May's allies in the DUP have refused to back it without further changes to the controversial backstop plan.

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