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THE world's largest indoor beach is housed in a resort the size of eight football pitches, with room enough to fly a hot air balloon.

The enormous attraction can host up to 6,000 visitors at one time and even includes a forest filled with 50,000 plants.

Tropical Island Resort in Krausnick, nestled in the German countryside, also boasts the world's largest indoor swimming pool.

A former aircraft hanger was transformed into the tropical paradise which, from birds eye view, almost looks like its own island.

A spa, waterfall, whirlpools and water slides are just some of the elaborate features included in the unique hotspot.

And the idyllic 'island' offers visitors an air temperature of 26 degrees, providing warm respite from the chilly winters south of Berlin.



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Visitors can lounge in the former hanger, which covers 10,000 square metres, as they enjoy the man-made beach complete with sand and 'sea'.

The dome, crafted from the former airbase, towers 107 metres in the air.

The surroundings have been made to look incredibly realistic, with artificial lakes and channels complete with plants, bridges and waterbeds.

The resort includes four extensive sections, the islands, village, waters and rain forest, with 200 choices of rooms as accommodation indoors, and more outside.

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Amazonia, the name given to their tropical islands attraction, is 35,000 square metres.

With several pools, a river, a channel and a surf simulator – the choices are seemingly endless.

And the 200-metre beach, next to a grotto, waterfall and lagoon offers somewhere to dry off.

The rainforest includes a swamp which is home to turtles, dragon fish, flamingos, pheasants and a butterfly house.

Tropical Island's village is made up of an impressive collection of buildings from countries around the globe that have been constructed in their traditional style.

These include a longhouse based on those found in Malaysia, where a whole village live under one roof, a temple gate from Bali and a traditional Thai house made of bamboo.

The world's largest indoor attraction, dubbed "The Spaceship", is home to a whopping 150,000 live animals, a submarine and a terrifying storm simulator.

Located in Zhuhai, China, the £816million Chimelong Theme Park promises holidaymakers across the globe an otherworldly day out.

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