Inside Shadman's controversies after YouTuber's 'deadly weapon' arrest as perverted Hillary Clinton pics are revealed

YOUTUBER Shadman has been involved in several controversies over the years before being charged with assault with a deadly weapon in Los Angeles.

Shadman is known online for his pornographic art and webcomics, some of which include political figures like Hillary Clinton.

Court documents appear to show Swiss-born Shadman, real name Shaddai Prejean, was booked on October 26 in the California city.

Details of the case filed against Shadman in the Los Angeles County Superior Courts at Glendale Courthouse have been posted on UniCourt.

It reveals the 31-year-old has reportedly been booked under section 245 (A)1 which, under the California Penal Code, carries charges for assault with a deadly weapon.

Details about the alleged attack have not yet been disclosed by the police or official records.

Not much is known about Shadman, but he has been embroiled in controversy since he first began posting his work online.

He is said to be have been born in Switzerland and, according to a profile on IMBd, was kicked out of art school and dubbed “a threat to society” before moving to the US.

The controversial figure has always been photographed online wearing a mask or face covering and has built up a reputation for his illustrations of loli and characters like Elastigirl.


Loli is a form of Japanese manga or anime that is sexually explicit and uses cartoon characters who are underage.

Shadman launched his website Shadbase in 2009 and started his YouTube channel the following year.

But in 2019 he announced he was going to stop drawing loli and pornographic art due to the controversy it was receiving.

According to Sports Keeda, one website alleged that Shadman had drawn some of his artwork based on real underage girls.

It was also alleged that he made 34 pieces of art based on his mother.

The website also reported that he drew a 12-year-old actress in an inappropriate manner four years ago.

During the 2016 election, Shadman was widely slammed again after it was reported that he was asked to draw YouTuber Keemstar's underage daughter in an inappropriate piece of art with former President Donald Trump.

Keemstar threatened to call the police at the time, according to the outlet.

Shadman is reportedly due in court on November 19.

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