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WITH red buses, its own Big Ben and even a monarch presiding over it – you'd be forgiven for mistaking this resort for London.

The luxury hotel in China, aptly named The Londoner, pays homage to the best of British culture, even mimicking the Changing of the Guards.

Upon arriving, visitors are greeted by the familiar Landseer's Lion statues, poised perfectly for a photo opportunity.

The bronze reproductions of famous Trafalgar Square statues greet guests at the front of the Londoner Macau.

And the hotel boasts its own Trafalgar Square, with a 12-metre high replica of Nelson's Column, one of the most recognisable London landmarks.

Vice Admiral Nelson's Column is surrounded by the greenery of the hotel garden and perfectly resembles the original.

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And it's just one of the many striking resemblances Macau presents to Britain's capital.

Queen Elizabeth II also comes back to life in a hypnotising performance of the Changing of the Guards.

Extravagantly dressed and looking more alive than ever, Her Majesty, played by an actor, announces it's time for a show.

But instead of marching through crowds of tourists in front of Buckingham Palace, these Grenadier Guards show off dancing moves to fanfare in the Crystal Palace.

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The performance is available six days a week with over 20 artists putting on a spectacle with special effects and exhilarating music.

At the heart of the hotel, their own version of the Crystal Palace, inspired by the iconic glass structure built in Hyde Park in 1851.

From black and white floor tiles of London's Royal Albert Hall to translucent glass ceilings filling the space with natural light, the Londoner Macau incorporated the foggy Albion references into every detail.

The façade of the building is a recreation of the Houses of Parliament, beautifully illuminated at night, and unlike the original, even displays Christmas-themed lighting and music.

David Beckham makes a surprise appearance for guests who want to take a ride in an iconic red double-decker bus, or a black cab.

A hologram of the football legend drives the cab past famous landmarks in a virtual tour of London.

Beckham is a global ambassador of the resort, and has 14 suites named after him.

He said: "This integrated resort feels very personal to me and being part of the development has been an incredible project- not only is it bringing my hometown to Macau, but also the first David Beckham Suites.

"I can't wait to be back in Macau to see it all – it looks spectacular."

Another attraction that could make guests question their whereabouts is the Elizabeth Tower.

Better known as Big Ben, the replica model is the exact same height as the original.

The copy even imitates the hourly chimes of the great clock, but with a little twist.

The Londoner's clock puts a display of stunning city visuals in a one-minute show.

The hotel features many other iconic references to British culture – from statues of kings and queens to Abbey Road crossing and 10 Downing street.

The resort is now promising to bring the magic of the best-selling book series in history- Harry Potter.

The fans of the beloved fantasy won't have to cross the ocean to see original props from the movie as the upcoming exhibition brings the settings and characters to you.

But this isn't the first time China has shown its fascination with the Brits.

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Many cities in China have in the past copied famous London architecture – from Tower Bridge to Victorian homes.

China's fake landmarks also included replicas of Eiffel Tower, the Great Sphinx and other iconic buildings.

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