I'm a sleep expert – your optimum amount of sleep each night depends on your age and my 3 tips can help you drift off | The Sun

A SLEEP expert has revealed that your age can determine how much sleep you need while offering three tips to help you drift off.

People aged 38 to 73 should be aiming for exactly seven hours, and it's essential to establish a good night-time routine to get the best rest, research shows.

People oftentimes are not getting enough sleep to be their best, director of Cowberry Home Louise Rusk told the Sun.

"Getting a good night's sleep is essential for our well-being, productivity, and livelihood," Rusk said.

"More often than not, we tend to sleep less than our bodies need, and that can affect our everyday performance."

Most middle-aged people need at least seven hours, Rusk said a study by the University of Cambridge and Shanghai's Fudan University showed.

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In order to get your seven essential hours, it would be wise to follow Rusk's three helpful tips for falling asleep.

"In order to ensure that we're hitting the sweet spot of sleep, it's essential to develop a good night-time routine," Rusk told the Sun.

The sleep expert said that you should prepare for nightly rest like you're getting ready for a sacred ritual.

"Start by aligning your bedroom space through thoughtful interior design and a color palette that promotes tranquility," Rusk said.

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Rusk said you could employ the rules of "feng shui" to create a relaxing energy in your room.

"The bed is the gateway to the world of dreams, so make sure you're sleeping on a comfortable mattress and that your bedding is cozy and sleep-inducing," Rusk said.

She recommended using linen bedding that makes you feel like you're on a "soft cloud."

And finally, she said you should end your day with a self-indulgent activity to calm your mind.

"Before going to bed, light up a candle and indulge in a self-care activity such as meditation, journaling, or simply listening to relaxing music," Rusk said.

She said these tips will set the right mood for the night, ensuring you'll get the perfect amount of rest.

Louise Rusk is the director of Cowberry Home, a lifestyle brand that focuses on linen bedding.

According to Cowberry Home's website the brand, "set out to find the finest natural materials to enhance a good night's rest and help balance busy lifestyles with quality downtime."

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