Ian Huntley 'demanding sex change and wants to start new life in women's prison as a female named Nicola'

The former school caretaker killed schoolgirls Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman in 2002 after they went missing from a family BBQ.

And now the Soham murderer wants to have a sex change, the Daily Star reports.

It is claimed that he has told fellow inmates that he wants to wear a tweed dress with matching jacket.

The 44-year-old, according to the report, is trying to prove to doctors that he is serious about having a sex change.

And he also is claimed to be demanding that prison bosses call him Nicola.

A source told The Daily Star: "As strange as it sounds, Huntley gets emails from people.

"He calls them his pen-pals.

“He asked if they will send him in some women’s clothes for Christmas.

“He wants a tweed twin-set, a new dress, a blonde wig and what he calls some ‘Christmas stockings’.”

However some inmates have been baffled by the demand, it is claimed.

The source added: “He joined a Muslim gang in prison for protection but he was forced out after he started claiming that he wanted a sex change.

“Huntley believes that he will have a much cushier life in a women’s prison. But he is mistaken as he will get a far harder time from female prisoners.

“There are now a growing number of trans-prisoners in Frankland and Huntley is desperate to become a member of a group who will offer him a bit of protection.”

'I THINK ABOUT THEM EVERY DAY': What sick killer has said about his victims

Huntley has in the past begged for forgiveness saying: “I think about them every day.”

In a confession recorded behind bars and leaked to The Sun in February 2018, Huntley also apologised for the immense pain he caused through his crimes.

He said: “What I will say is that I am so terribly, terribly sorry for what I have done.

“I know the people of Soham took me into their community, they trusted me, gave me a job and a home, and I betrayed them in the worst possible way.

“And I am sorry for what I have done, sorry for the pain I have caused to the families and friends of Holly and Jessica, for the pain I have caused my family and friends, and for the pain I have caused the community of Soham.”

The killer confessed on the tape to deliberately killing Jessica to stop her from raising the alarm after Holly died in the bath in what he insists was an accident.

Holly and Jessica’s families were put through the ordeal of a full court hearing in 2003 because Huntley refused to plead guilty.

Huntley also claimed former girlfriend Maxine Carr told lies in court to “distance herself from me.”

He has previously claimed from prison that it was Carr who orchestrated the cover-up after the murders in Soham, Cambridgeshire.

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