I was rushed to hospital after kitchen ceiling 'collapsed' on my HEAD while cooking dinner – I will sue housing firm

A MUM was rushed to hospital after a kitchen ceiling collapsed on her HEAD.

Tracy Cordery, 41, spent an agonising five hours in hospital after the terrifying ordeal – just weeks after she claims her housing association told her that the cracks in her London home’s ceiling weren’t an emergency.

And the mum is now threatening to sue Clarion Housing.

Tracy, along with her kids and her mum, 73, had just moved into their new three-bed property on Lilleshall Road, Morden, having signed for the property on December 29.

The mum-of-two claims she had complained about cracks in her kitchen ceiling to the housing association, Clarion Housing, who responded with no urgency to her requests, saying: "it wasn't an emergency."

Tracy told MyLondon: "I called them [Clarion] up and complained about it, and said the cracks are getting worse.

"They said it wasn't an emergency and that they'll be out on January 19 to come and have a look at it.

"Then on Sunday, I had just finished cooking my dinner, it was the last bit of dinner I was dishing out, and then it just came down on my head."

"I just froze, I didn't know what to do. My friend was there with me and she just screamed, where she was screaming I was in so much shock, I just stood there and then another lot came down on me."

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She said she felt ok right after the collapse, but: "10 minutes later, my neck went tight. I couldn't move my shoulder properly.

"It was pretty scary, I'm claustrophobic as well and I had to go in lifts and machines for scans, I did find it really stressful."

Tracy's sister Dawn Page, another Clarion tenant, claims the reason the ceiling collapsed was because Clarion did not use PVA to hold the plaster in place, which eventually led to bits of it cracking and falling on Tracy.

Dawn explained: "The whole ceiling would have come down in the end. Not even part of it, all of it.

"I know about building work because our dad was a builder. At the end of the day, do your work correctly, and my sister wouldn't be going through this."

Clarion told MyLondon they have been unable to identify the cause of the collapse, but believe it’s more likely that the thin coat of finishing plaster came away as a result of heat from the cooker underneath.

The family had just moved from their old Clarion-owned property in Mitcham after years of complaints of flu-like symptoms, poor sleep and body aches.

They are reportedly seeking legal action and Clarion have said that they have sent a surveyor to re-skim and redecorate the ceiling.

A spokesperson for Clarion Housing said: "We take the reports of an injury and damage to a Clarion home extremely seriously.

"One of our operatives visited the home at the first possible opportunity on Monday to assess the situation and check on the welfare of the resident.

"Our operative confirmed the ceiling did not collapse.

A small amount of the lightweight 2/3 millimetre skim plaster has come away from the ceiling and a photo has been provided to MyLondon as evidence of this.

"We are still establishing all the facts of the case, but as yet, no medical evidence has been provided to suggest the resident sustained any injury as a result of the events of Sunday evening."

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