I was left covered in blood after trying to film vicious 8ft PYTHON – snake handlers say I’m stupid for getting so close | The Sun

A HIKER was left drenched in blood after an 8ft python attacked him as he tried to film the vicious critter.

Joey Zayne was out walking in Cairns, Australia, when he spotted the slithery reptile in a tree.

He stopped to film the snake, saying to the camera: "A beautiful snake just above the Behana."

But as he got up close to the python, it lashed out and sunk its teeth into his face.

Blood started pouring and Joey was forced to hold a t-shirt to the cuts.

He told the camera: "I'm good, I'm fine. It's just crazy how much blood."

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Snake handlers have warned people to stay well away from snakes.

David Walton, from Cairns Snake Removals, told 7News: "If you see a snake, you know, just give him a wide berth.

"Snakes do not attack or bite for no reason.

"They have to really feel the need to give a defensive response in a vulnerable situation."

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Pythons in Australia are not venomous but do have plenty of long, sharp teeth.

It comes after a Brit had to be rushed to hospital after being bitten by a venomous snake on holiday.

Ben, who was on a romantic getaway with his partner, was bitten by a venomous brown snake at a beach on Fraser Island, Australia.

The couple had been enjoying their camping trip before the man climbed some sand dunes to find his drone, which had crashed.

The British tourist set off bare-footed to retrieve the remote filming device but was struck by the snake when he walked through a shrub.

Meanwhile, golfers had the fright of their lives when a four-foot snake appeared from a hole on a golf course.

At The Coast Golf Club in Sydney, any golfers hoping to get their ball out of the second hole from the course would have been given a nasty surprise.

According to Coast Golf's Instagram page, the snake was a red belly black.

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The slithery customer had taken refuge from the Aussie heat in the hole.

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