I was almost killed in a terror attack – I'd do it again even though I'm scarred for life, Lion of London Bridge says

A MILLWALL fan dubbed the “Lion of London Bridge” after he fought off jihadis during the 2017 terror attack has said he would do it all again even though he’s scarred for life.

Roy Larner was repeatedly stabbed as he fought with Islamist terrorists who killed eight and injured 48 others in London Bridge and Borough Market five years ago today on June 3 2017.

He famously roared “F**k you, I'm Millwall” as he fought with the killers.

Now, on the fifth anniversary of the attack, Roy has told The Sun he wouldn't do anything differently.

He said: “I got a good-hiding. I almost lost my life but it was worth it. It makes you feel proud – I saved people’s lives by getting stabbed.

“I got stabbed seven times but my fighting them off gave people a lot of time to get out.

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“If I were in the same place, at the same time, in the same situation again I’d do the exact same thing again – Maybe I’d even do more.

“I don’t think there's anything that could ever scare me again after what I’ve been through.

“I’d fight them again no problem but I’d hope that if it happened again more people would help me stop them.

“It’s just something that’s in me. I want to help people. I want to protect people.” 

Roy's heroic actions at the Black and Blue restaurant in Borough Market saw his attacker's two accomplices focus their attention on him, rather than the diners and pubgoers they had been headed towards.

The Millwall fan was taken to hospital in a critical condition with cuts to his hands, arms, chest and neck as well as a puncture wound to his side.

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And even though he is still suffering from the injuries he still has no regrets.

He said: “I’m extremely lucky I survived it. They thought I wouldn’t with the amount of blood I was losing. I was stabbed seven times – some people were stabbed once and died 

“But I’m happy I did it. At the time I didn’t realise that what I did gave so many kids a chance to escape. I was just fighting for my life – I had no idea.

“I still suffer for what I did every single day. I still have injuries to do with my arms and my tendons – and I will always have those.

“I have very little strength. If you ask me to move a plate I wouldn’t be able to move it around. It’s a constant reminder of what happened that day 

“It is upsetting when you can’t move nothing. Even just simple things like I can only carry one bag of shopping if I’m going to the supermarket. They told me it will never be the same again.”


Jihadis Khuram Shazad Butt, 27, Rachid Redoune, 30, and 22-year-old Youssef Zaghba ploughed a van into pedestrians on London Bridge, before attacking drinkers in Borough Market on June 3 2017.

In a rampage lasting a little over eight minutes, the terrorist gang stabbed and slashed at innocent victims with deadly hunting knives.

But mere minutes after the first emergency call, armed cops swooped in on the scene gunning down the terrorists.

Just last week Roy saw CCTV of himself fighting off the terrorist for the very first time.

He said: "It was quite upsetting but I’m proud. It’s something I needed to see for final closure.

"It gave people a lot of time to get out, my fighting them off. I didn't realise how much I had done until I saw the video.

"My memory of it was completely blank. It was nice to watch the CCTV because I saw just how many people I helped get away. "


Roy says he still hears “gunfire in his head” five years later.

He said: “Psychologically I still have flashbacks. I don’t really go out as much now.

"It’s silly things like I’m not able to stand by doors because I just want to be secure. I used to have nightmares but they’ve eased up a bit.

“I missed a couple of years of football games because the crowds were just too much for me.

“Would I do it again? Yes. It's something I was involved in and I did stand up for myself.

"I’m still not able to work because of my arm and I still have these setbacks when I think of things. I do get very down. 

“The mental effect is the worst bit. There are times when I just feel like giving up but I just keep going. Life’s getting better now and I won’t let those guys win.”

Just a week after Roy became a cult hero for his courage in Borough Market, a video emerged of Roy shouting racist abuse at photographer.

He was filmed yelling "w****rs", "people like you stink like s***" and "National Front" in a clash with protesters in February 2017.

Roy later admitted racially aggravated common assault and apologised for his actions, claiming people taking part in a nearby protest had taunted him and his dogs.

Roy says even five years on he is still recognised regularly as the 'Lion of London Bridge'.

He explained: "I get asked for a couple of selfies a week – Especially at football games I get recognised.

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"A couple of days ago I was walking down the Thames and a couple of blokes bought me and my girlfriend a drink.

"Millwall have also given me a season ticket again so they’re looking after me which is quite good."

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