I quit the modern world to live off grid with no running water – everyone told me I was wasting my life but I love it | The Sun

A SELF-proclaimed "full-time mystic" has hit back at trolls who told her she was wasting her life by quitting the modern world.

Jasmine Mariposa has offered her followers a glimpse into her off-grid lifestyle, where she has no running water and instead bathes in a river.

Describing herself as a "jungle fairy", Jasmine shows how she prepares food and how she created her own "outdoor office".

She says she has proved a lot of people wrong who told her she was making a mistake.

In a video shared on her TikTok page Jasmine said: "You said I'm wasting my life following my dreams instead of going to school.

"Well that's rich coming from you. Because you're a passionless life that I do not envy.

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"You will end up with a 9-5 until you're 65, and you will most definitely wish you would've lived more freely."

In another clip, she shows how she does her laundry without the luxury of a running water.

It shows her walking to a river barefoot clutching several large plastic bottles.

Jasmine then fills each up, before lugging them back to her humble home.

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She then pours each into a washer before emptying her clothes in and later hanging them on a line between trees.

In another video, Jasmine reveals how she uses the river to bathe.

She has also cleverly fashioned herself an "outdoor office" using a wooden pallet.

Footage shows her positioning a number of bricks on the ground before putting the pallet on top – as well as a blanket for comfort.

She then pops a container on top, which she uses to balance her laptop on.

And a further clip shows her preparing a coconut to eat by banging it with a rock, while another shows her harvesting fresh cocoa.

Jasmine also used turmeric before to dye her clothes.

She wrote in a TikTok caption: "The process was super simple — all I did was put the clothes I wanted to dye in a pot with turmeric and boiling water.

"I let it simmer for about 20-30mins until I liked the colour, then rinsed in the stream."

Many viewers have praised Jasmine for her bold lifestyle.

One wrote: "Off-grid homesteading is heaven."

Another said: "I'm so grateful I came across you because I am about to drop off university, I'm done with the matrix.



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"I'm in Africa, taking my role to heal the land."

A third commented: "You're living my dream".

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