Hero rail passengers rescue dog from train tracks

Moment group of hero rail passengers rescue dog from tracks after it fell down the gap between train and platform

  • Dozens of passengers can be seen in footage rushing to help the terrified pooch 

This is the moment a group of hero rail passengers teamed up to rescue a dog after it fell onto train tracks.

In a shocking video clip, dozens of brave strangers can be seen rushing to help the terrified pooch after it plunged down the gap between the train and the platform.

One person jumped onto the tracks to get a better view of the lost dog during the incident at Glasgow Queen Street Low Level on Monday. 

Another woman, called Demi, can be seen calling out to the dog, as she wedges herself under the train to try and grab the animal.

A pair of passengers eventually managed to pull the dog out from the gap and the poor pet appeared scared, wriggling around as they lifted it to safety.

Kind strangers stepped in to help after a dog fell onto the tracks 

Video footage shows passengers grouping together to come to the dog’s rescue 

The pooch plunged down the gap between the train and the platform

The dog looked terrified by the whole ordeal but was luckily rescued and brought to safety

The owner put its lead and collar back on and comforted the poor pet

Passengers reassured the dog by petting it as its owner puts its lead and collar back on.

One dog lover, called Beck, said: ‘Oh my God, how amazing everyone was. So glad the dog’s okay.’

Barry Evans added: ‘The woman on all fours helping out. And to make sure the owner was okay, people make Glasgow.’

Another, named Tara, said: ‘Great people, that lady in her nice clothes on the ground and then comforting the owner, what a good person.’

‘Just shows Scottish people would do anything to help,’ said Gary Brown.

KayKee said: ‘Absolutely amazing, well done. Proud to be Scottish.’

Passengers also reassured the dog by petting it

Phil Campbell, ScotRail Customer Operations Director, said: ‘We’re pleased to see that the dog was retrieved safe and well.

‘We take this opportunity to remind customers to keep well back from platform edges when trains are arriving and leaving the station.

‘And to keep hold of pets, pushchairs, and other belongings when getting on and off the train.’

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