Halifax airport returns to normal operations in the wake of Boeing 747 runway overshoot

The Halifax Stanfield International Airport has resumed normal operations a month after a plane overshot a runway, taking out navigational equipment and leaving a trail of debris.

Airport spokeswoman Theresa Rath Spicer says only some runway lights remain unreplaced, but they are not affecting operations and are expected to be reinstated later this month.

On Nov. 7, a Boeing 747 cargo plane overshot the airport’s secondary runway and came close to breaching the airport’s fence, leaving four crew members with minor injuries.

The runway remained closed for nearly two weeks before reopening on Nov. 20, though without its full navigational capabilities.

Rath Spicer says the incident took out the localizer antenna for the runway’s instrument landing system, but it has been replaced in the last couple of weeks.

She says officials have removed and disposed of the contaminated soil and are working to backfill and grade the area in order to extend the runway – a project that began before last month’s incident.

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