Grace Millane murder suspect hit with angry abuse and France riots ‘whipped up by Russian Twitter trolls'


Wearing blue police-issue overalls, the 26-year-old faced Auckland District Court and stood for nearly 90 minutes just yards from Grace's dad and uncle.

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Russian trolls have been accused of fuelling the Yellow Vest riots across France by sharing “fake news”.

About 600 Twitter accounts which champion pro-Kremlin views have turned their attention to France’s current struggles, according to the Alliance for Securing Democracy.
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Cheeky thieves who have been pinching Christmas gifts from a home’s entrance in Australia have had the tables turned on them by an incensed mum.

CCTV footage has been released showing the moment a motorcyclist allegedly stole a present in broad daylight – not knowing the decoy box was stuffed with bricks.

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Germany has sexed up Christmas with a saucy market in the heart of Hamburg’s red light district.

Women wearing skimpy Santa themed outfits can are out in force for the annual Santa Pauli market.

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A mysterious warplane that appears to be a Chinese J-20 stealth fighter has been spotted at a US base — immediately sparking rumours that its pilot had defected.

The object closely resembling the cutting edge warplane was seen parked in a military facility inside Savannah-Hilton Head Airport, Georgia, on Wednesday, December 5.
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