Glenda Jackson ‘I love the PM’ but Jeremy Corbyn is ‘crazed’

Oscar winning former Labour MP Glenda Jackson admits she’s a fan of Theresa May but thinks Jeremy Corbyn is ‘crazed’

  • Glenda Jackson said the treatment of PM Theresa May has been ‘disgraceful’ 
  • She said she particularly admires the PM’s tenacity in trying to deliver Brexit
  • Ms Jackson said Mrs May has done her best to bring together opposing sides
  • The Oscar winning actress dismissed calls for a second referendum as ‘absurd’  

Former Labour MP Glenda Jackson, pictured, has described the treatment of PM Theresa May as ‘disgraceful’ 

Glenda Jackson has come out fighting for Theresa May, saying she ‘loves’ the Prime Minister – while warning that Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour is ‘crazed’.

Despite being a lifelong critic of the Tories, the double Oscar-winning actress and former Labour MP, 82, praised Mrs May’s Brexit tenacity.

Describing the Prime Minister’s critics as ‘disgraceful’, she said: ‘There she is, slogging away, God love her.

‘I’m a big admirer of her and I think the way she’s been treated is utterly disgraceful. I don’t only mean by her own party. I’ve certainly admired her in the way she has handled herself over Brexit, yes.

‘I do admire her for her tenacity, trying to deliver the referendum result to the people of our country, even though I disapproved of it.

‘She tries to bring together two opposing sides, who find it very hard to tolerate each other, at the same time as having to deal with 27 other countries.’ Jackson, who starred in Women In Love and Elizabeth R before going on to become an MP for 23 years, also branded the idea of a second referendum as ‘absurd’, adding: ‘What’s to stop people then saying, “Well, let’s have a third?”’

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And she turned her fire on Corbyn, adding: ‘I will always defend my party, but we’re not exactly covering ourselves with glory at the moment, are we?’

Asked how she would fix Labour, she told The Guardian: ‘I’d ask someone to explain to me what we’re doing. Anybody, please, tell me what are we doing? It’s crazed.’

Ms Jackson said she admires Theresa May, left, and thinks Jeremy Corbyn, right, is ‘crazed’

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