Girl, 3 is walking again after being shot in HEAD in Florida road rage

‘Miracle’ girl, 3, stuns doctors by walking again just five weeks after being shot in the HEAD as she sat in back of car during terrifying road rage attack in Florida

  • Three-year-old Preslie Jenkins was shot in the head in road rage attack in Florida
  • Her mother, Nikki Jenkins says a man drove up behind them as they were driving home from babysitting a family friend’s child when a man shot into their car
  • Bullet went directly through her daughter’s head entering above her eyebrow
  • Doctors didn’t think she would survive the attack from five weeks ago
  • However, the strong little fighter just took her first assisted steps and is talking
  • The shooter is still at large and is described as ‘possibly a Hispanic or light skinned black male’ driving a ‘black, newer model, 4 door sedan’

Three-year-old Preslie Jenkins was shot in the head a horrific road rage shooting just over a month ago in Florida. It was unclear if she would even survive but the tough little fighter is now starting to walk again. 

The incident on October 28 happened as Preslie’s family was driving home from babysitting a friend’s child. Her mother, Nikki Jenkis says a man ‘flew up’ behind the family’s truck driving in the area of Port St. Lucie and shot into their vehicle hitting Preslie above her eyebrow.   

The bullet went ‘completely through’ Preslie’s head in what her mother describes as a ‘random act of road rage,’ according to CBS News. 

Its been a beyond difficult ordeal for the family, but Preslie has started taking her first steps with assistance.

It is a relief to the family, who acknowledges their little fighter still has a long road to recovery ahead. 

The devastating injuries three-year-old Preslie Jenkins sustained in the shooting seemed insurmountable even to her doctors that hoped for the best but cautioned the worst 

Long road to recovery: Three-year-old Preslie Jenkins was shot through her head in a road rage attack in Florida and doctors were unsure she would survive 

She survived a six-hour surgery and two weeks of a medically induced coma. She will still need metal plates in her head once her brain swelling goes down 

The adorable little girl has started talking and has just taken her first assisted steps 

Preslie is not out of the woods yet, she will remain in the hospital for another four weeks for observation and further recovery 

The man, described as ‘possibly a Hispanic or light skinned black male’ driving a ‘black, newer model, 4 door sedan’ is still at large. 

The ATF is offering a $5,000 reward leading to an arrest and conviction in relation to this incident. There is a cash reward from Crime Stoppers as well, according to a press conference with the Port St. Lucie Police Department two days after the incident. 

Preslie’s mother cried during the press conference, pleading with the public to provide any information that would lead to an arrest.

Nikki said little Preslie wanted to be Ariel for Halloween, but instead was in a medically induced coma. 

‘I just can’t see how he can live with himself,’ her mother added. 

Preslie was airlifted St. Mary’s Medical Center in West Palm Beach, Florida where she was placed in a medically-coma for two weeks.

‘I was hysterical, I was out of control,’ Nikki told CBS News, ‘They told us that they had to remove part of her brain and her skull.’ 

Little Preslie pulled through a six-and-a-half hour surgery and is now in rehab where she took her first steps towards walking again.

‘Thankfully God protected her. Honestly, I think it was just the power of her,’ Nikki said of Preslie’s spirit.  

Nikki says doctors want to keep her under supervision for another month. 

She is already talking and learning to walk again. They say ‘she’s doing amazing and should make a full recovery. There’s little things we may notice but maybe not.’   

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Before the shooting, Preslie is seen enjoying crackers in a princess dress 

Preslie’s heartbroken mother, Nikki Jenkins (pictured) says she does not understand how the man who did this to her daughter can live with himself- he remains at large 

Her recovery has been expensive, with Preslie needing braces for her legs and the skull implants she will need once the swelling goes down in her brain are expected to cost around $30,000. 

On top of that Nikki has been unable to return to work. A family friend created a GoFundMe page for help towards Preslie’s recovery and is about $4,000 away from its $20,000 goal.

A family member has started a t-shirt website along with the hash tag PreslieStrong where people can buy shirts with the proceeds going towards the family. 

Nikki says ‘It’s had a major effect on our life,’ says Nikki, ‘It’s changed everything. Emotions I never wanted to feel. I can’t even put into words. I just want my baby back, dancing around and okay.’

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