Girl, 12, forced to run while holding bro after boy opens fire

Wild moment girl, 12, was watering tomatoes while holding her baby brother is forced to run for her life after bully opens fire and shoots at her 14 times – missing them, but injuring their mother

  • Rubi, 12, and Julian, 11 months, had to run for their lives after a shooter ambushed them and fired 14 shots 
  • Rubi and Julian were able to get inside their Kansas City, Montana, home safely, but one of the bullets hit their mother Rosa’s leg 
  • The shooter has since been arrested, according to Rosa, and she believes he was a bully and targeted her daughter
  • The family will now be moving as Rosa said there is ‘zero chance’ they’ll return after her children’s lives were endangered  

A 12-year-girl girl was forced to run for her life while holding her baby brother after a bully opened fire and shot 14 times – hitting their mother. 

Rubi Olivas, 12, was holding her 11-month-old brother Julian while she was watering the tomato plants outside their Kansas City, Missouri, home when a shooter came running out of the bush and fired multiple rounds at them. 

The young girl was seen moments before on home surveillance footage walking next to the car to get around the front gate when a young man, who has not been identified, started screaming unintelligibly at her and pointing a gun. 

Rubi takes off sprinting toward the front door with her head down as the shooter, believed to be her bully, calmly shot at her and Julian. 

A woman can be heard screaming as Rubi ripped open the front door and managed to safely get inside. 

Neither Rubi nor Julian had a ‘scratch’ on them, according to their mother Rosa Olivas.  

Rubi, 12, and Julian, 11 months, ran for their life back inside their Montana home after a 16-year-old gunman, who has not been named, began firing 14 rounds at them 

Rubi’s mother Rosa believes the girl was targeted and said the family will now being moved because there is ‘zero chance’ they’ll return over fears for Rubi’s safety 

The shooter ran out from behind bushes and began firing rapid shots. He has since been arrested, according to Rubi’s mother 

The boy takes off running in the direction he came from, but not before shooting a few more rounds at the house. 

Rosa was laying on the floor in the living when she heard the gunshots go off and said she didn’t have any ‘time to think about anything’ as she rushed to the door, where she was struck by a bullet. 

Rosa (second right) was shot in the leg after she sprung up from the floor and ran to the door when she heard gunshots 

The bullet broke her femur and underwent surgery to have a rod installed in her leg. The bullet remains in her body, according to KCTV. 

Rosa also said the shooter has been arrested. Police have not released his identity. 

She also advises other parents to ‘go talk to the school’ if a child is being bullied to keep them safe.

‘Take care of your kids, make sure they’re a priority. If they’re getting bullied, go to talk to the school, talk to the teachers, to the principal, to whoever you have to keep your babies safe,’ she told KCTV. 

The family now needs to ‘move from the house,’ since Rubi was the ‘target,’ according to a Facebook post. 

‘There is ZERO chance of us going back,’ Rosa said. has contacted the family for comment. 

A former coworker, Kaitlyn, set up a GoFundMe page for the family to help pay for Rosa’s medical bills. 

It has raised $880 of its $10,000 goal. 

Rosa (pictured with Julian) remains hospitalized with a broken femur and had to get a rod put in her leg. The bullet still remains in her body 

Rosa’s leg was heavily bandaged after the shooting and a bullet hole is still present as she deals with a broken femur

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